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“Koh Lanta, the Legend”: Kristel leads Tehiora in her downfall

Rebelote for Teheiura. In 2020, during “Koh-Lanta, the Island of Heroes”, the Polynesian adventurer was eliminated during Linked Destinies, when he was associated with Charlotte, who received the most votes against her. An episode we’ll remember because both of the unfortunate candidates had an immune collar that could have protected them but they didn’t play it. There’s no protection sesame this time in this “legend” version but the result is the same: Tehiora is forced to leave along with her partner, Kristel, who has been the victim of a particularly scattered poll.

She is the first on Exile Island to open the episode. When Compa found out that Clemence was going to join her, after she had been removed from the council, she began to shout, “Justice! Justice! With a startled smile. Then she decided not to address the slightest word to the double winner, who admonished her for being excluded from the ambassadors. In the midst of all this, Alexandra, the exiled, was not Also, sure where to go.

In the end, when they faced each other in the arena in a game of skill and patience, Alexandra left no chance for her opponents. So she is the only one who continues the adventure. Disappointed, Kumba was still satisfied: “I feel calm for my executioner out at the same time as I am. Clemence, she kept her head held high and left without regret.

“Why are we so bad?”

In the reunited camp, during the random formation of the duos, at the start of the program on Tuesday night, Kristelle was especially pleased to be together as a team with Teheiura, a local stage this season touring Polynesia. On paper, these two people could claim victory over trials. Like Laurent and Claude, they make a particularly strong pair. However, it is Alix and Phil who have won the rest, offering themselves the discovery of Huahine Island in the company of its inhabitants. During this time, we witness a bloody stroke from Claude after he catches a huge fish that finally slips out of his arms while Sam joins him to seal the catch in the pot.

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Later, Loïc and Ugo easily won immunity. A test where Sam and Jade finished last, synonymous with voting against each other on the board: “Why are we so bad? The 2007 winner shrieked in tears.

The strategies went everywhere and made Alex Laurent think she had an immune collar. Nobody really managed to agree on the votes and Kristel left with four votes against (out of thirteen ballot papers). Tehiora, whose name did not appear during the counting, must have followed suit… It’s the cruel law of bound destinies. Next week we will find them on the Island of Exiles where they will join Alexandra.