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Le Grand Échiquier: Alarmed, Nicolas Sarkozy takes over as Carla Bruni after a small shovel (ZAPTV)

Le Grand Échiquier: Alarmed, Nicolas Sarkozy takes over as Carla Bruni after a small shovel (ZAPTV)

Friday, July 1, Nicolas Sarkozy is invited grand chess board With Carla Bruni. And a little spade from the singer annoyed the politician, who was quick to reply: “Is that cute?”

French culture was the theme of the show grand chess boardOn France 3 channel, presented by Claire Chazal, Friday 1 July, which welcomed Nicolas Sarkozy to talk about it. at Former President of the French Republic He did not come alone, but with him His wife, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy who opened the evening by performing his version of sweet FranceWritten by Charles Trinier in Italian in honor of his Franco-Italian dual culture. she sings, The politician looked at the singer infatuated.

“It is very difficult to translate, adapt a song because there is a kind of betrayal. There are very few songs that can be adapted”Carla Bruni-Sarkozy said of the process of creating her interpretation, adding: “I kept it practically word for word, it changed quite a bit really. I speak like him about France, and about the France to which I belong. So it was kind of fun and winking at the same time.”

“Is that too cute?”

Then Nicolas Sarkozy, inspired by the title performed by his wife, commented: “Listening to Carla, I said to myself that in addition to that, there is a European culture. There is not only French culture. Finally, Carla, who has a dual culture, sings in Italian sweet France, see you there. But this means that we are not only from our country, we are from our continent.” And Carla Bruni jokingly cut it off: “etc Jean Cocteau said that Italians are Frenchmen of good temper!A note that does not satisfy the ex-president who took over his wife: Do you think this is too cute?Funny home scene in France 3.

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