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Minecraft Technoblade legend dies of cancer

Minecraft Technoblade legend dies of cancer

Mourning the entire gaming community Maine Craft. Very early this morning, at 4 a.m. French time, a new video surfaced The famous player’s channel on YouTube Maine Craft American Technoblade. An all-black thumbnail so discreetly contrasts with all the previous images, its title is very simple: “Geeks for a long time”. “If you look at this, I’m dead”says Technoblade.

It is precisely the father of “Techno” who announced this. He first appeared on screen in front of a white background, wearing a “Technoblade” T-shirt, accompanied by a small dog who continues to sit on his lap. He simply explains that his son wrote a letter and asked him to read it to his community. So it works on the ultimate gameplay of the game Maine Craft :

Hey everyone, this is Technoblade. If you guys are watching this, I’m dead. So let’s finally sit down and talk. My real name is Alex. One day I asked one of my brothers who called me Dave in a now-deleted video of 2016. It was one of the best pranks I ever had. We’ve ever done it.Thousands of quirky netizens are trying to make him snooze by going, “Hey Dave, how are you?”

Sorry to sell it so much in the past few years, but thanks to everyone who’s bought jackets, stuffed animals, and subscriptions. My brothers and sisters will be able to go to university! Well, if they want to. I don’t want a dead brother putting pressure on them.

But that’s it for me. Thank you all for supporting my content over the years. If I had a hundred again, I think I would choose to go back to Technoblade again every time, because those were the best years of my life. I hope you enjoyed my content and made some people laugh. I hope you continue to live a long, happy and prosperous life. Because I love you guys. Technoblade, outside. “

Sad news, his father then returns to him with affection. “I miss Technoblade. Thank you all for everything. You mean so much to him.” The video ends with a text written by the YouTuber’s mother explaining that her son was valiantly battling stage 4 cancer. “Mounir’s lesson for everyone I had the honor of accompanying.”

Technoblade launched her YouTube channel in 2013. She now has over 11 million subscribers. His illness was revealed for the first time In a video titled “Where have you been” last September. He said he was experiencing pain in his arm.

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Before adding, without changing the tone: “On August 2, I went to the doctor to see what was wrong, they did several checks, and then they came back and told me the cause of the pain in my arm was that I had cancer.” I feel a little silly talking about this with Maine Craft Basically, this is off topic, but I’m a YouTuber Maine CraftI do not face detection in front of the camera. “

And then you laugh about it, faithful to his mythical self-deprecation: “I could make a thumbnail with a giant red arrow pointing at my tumor with the caption ‘I might die, this isn’t a click bait. If we give up on his sitenow run by his family, we come across an epitaph: “GG ​​this”. Below, we can read: “Alexander ‘Technoblade’; 1999-2022”.

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