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‘Leave Me Alone’: Nicolas Bedos confides in the last moments of his father Guy Bedos’ life

guest in photo of the week seven to eightNicholas Bedos on his career, projects and also his memories of his father. The director privately returned to the last moments of Guy Bedos’ life.

May 28, 2020 will remain engraved in the memory of Nicolas Bedos. On this unfortunate date, his brilliant father Guy Beddos passed away at the age of 85. “We’ll make you a violin, a capella melodrama. When the actor exits, you have to leave “Bravo” and occupy every jumping seat. It’s your spoils. Besides, I feel like you’re not far away. You are not dead. you finally sleep”, He wrote his then-son, who found himself in terrible grief. Suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, the actor is said to have “Strike the food to stop it, and this mental confusion is overنتهىHe explained his daughter Victoria. To stop his heart, Guy Bedos resorted to euthanasia, As Nicola said:There are fathers who share with their son a passion for football or playing the guitar, and our father and I have always had a close relationship with the desire to unplug the instrument.”

“This is unbearable”

So Nicolas Bedos would have helped his father die. So the last Moments from her father’s life engraved forever. guest in photo of the week seven to eight, another director of open source software 117 presented his secrets as poignant as they are intimate. “This barbaric disease that somehow corrupted his memory and mind… I managed to steal a few moments of immense clarity from time. He saw the beautiful era, did not last long. I had a rap sometimes. Then his smile…”, He remembers Nicolas Bedos, who claims to have always been He was a source of pride for his father, who describes him as him “Fantastic and from second to second very cruel and insulting”. Then the French actor recalls his last moments with Guy Bedos : “It has become at some point exactly what we have promised for decades not to let him become. That is, I have, this man that I love and whose voice, and the memory of his words, and his words, and his looks which is over my shoulder which seems to push me to some sort of command which She says “Leave me” and this is unbearable. A memory that may haunt him for a long time to come.

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