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une chanson de Shingeki no Kyojin sonnée aux JO de Tokyo 2020

Shingeki no Kyogen This is one of the biggest events of the last time, which caught the attention of all the viewers and fans of the anime. His story just ended with volume 34 of the manga, but we still have the final episodes of the anime, which will arrive in 2022. Its legacy obviously goes further and that’s why He had a share in Olympic Games. Safety valve!

The most important sporting event is held in Tokyo, JapanAnd The birthplace of anime and manga, an aspect that was completely ignored during the opening ceremony on Friday and was echoed by social media users with hilarious memes. While there wasn’t an opening as expected, there were some fan-favorite stories that were there in one way or another, like SNK.

One of the features of the Olympic Games is that they are turned to music, generally in the recesses of each of the competitions, as a means of entertaining the public. As we know, the coronavirus pandemic has kept spectators out of the stadium stands, but even so the organization did not let silence be the hero and in testing it seemed gurn no daily.

If you do not have the familiar name, we remind you to do so gurn no daily It is the theme of the first season of Shingeki no Kyojin, played by Linked Horizon. The opening was heard in the mixed-team shooting competition, in the round of 16 between Indonesia and the United States.. It was specially selected for this purpose, because the title means “Scarlet Bow and Arrow”. Watch the video!

It wasn’t the only thing about anime that had a starring role in Tokyo 2020 until now. In a men’s volleyball match between Japan and Venezuela, I heard Haykyuu’s song “Fantasy” in the background!!, In addition to Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno used Kimetsu no Yaiba music for her audition.

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