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Leticia Hallyday on vacation in Palavas-les-Flots

The holidays begin including for the people! This is the case of Leticia Hallyday. Leticia Hallyday used to travel the world and share photos on Instagram, and he just arrived in Occitanie. Like every summer, she resides in Herault, the department she belongs to.

Johnny Hallyday’s widow posted several photos with her mother, daughter Joy, or her niece. The larger jade is not in the pictures. What catches the eye is the presence of his companion, director Jalil Lesper, along with Leticia, who seems quite well integrated into the family. The couple is currently living in a beach mansion. Leticia and Joy actually stayed in this luxury residence a year ago.

Met her grandmother “Granny Rock”

Leticia Hallyday also found her grandmother, Elette Bodo, nicknamed “Grandma’s Rock,” as seen in a short video shared yesterday on Instagram. She celebrated her 86th birthday. Again on Thursday, the young woman posted a video in which we see an administrative road by car, in Marseille in Herault, with the caption: “Never forget your roots” (Never forget your roots).

On July 4, Leticia Hallyday and Jalil Lisbert celebrated American Independence Day with Jalil Lisbert’s parents, Farida and Jean, and one of his daughters, Gina, as Instagram Stories show.

However, the return will be dedicated to the memory of Johnny Hallyday for Leticia. A tribute day to the singer is scheduled for September 14 at the Accor Hotel Arena.

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