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Preliminary injunction against Iris Klein

Updated 10/06/2022 13:23

  • Iris Klein received an offense in a dispute with her daughter-in-law.
  • Silk Katzenberger is said to have secured an injunction against Klein.
  • She told the news portal “Promeflash”.

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Iris Klein problem: The mother of Daniela Katzenberger and Jenny Frankhauser has been in a public argument with her daughter-in-law Tobias Katzenberger in recent weeks. Among other things, Klein claimed Silk Katzenberger made fun of her unborn grandson’s name.

In another context of controversy, Klein posted private audio notes from her daughter-in-law and insulted her on the Internet. Now this will finally end here.

Court bans Iris Klein from insults

as such “Promeflash” portal From Silke Katzenberger, shortly after Klein’s first hostilities, she applied for an injunction in the district court. Last Tuesday (7 June) she was said to have received a court order.

From now on, Iris Klein is not allowed to post any audio messages without Katzenberger’s prior consent. Furthermore, insults such as “disgusting woman” are prohibited, Promeflash reports.

In Facebook posts that have since been deleted, the 55-year-old reportedly claimed Silke Katzenberger would “cure” Tobias Katzenberger and keep him in prison.

These statements are now forbidden to Iris Klein. If you violate the court order, you could face a fine, according to Promiflash. Iris Klein has not yet commented on the alleged court order.

Silk Katzenberger angry at her mother-in-law

Silke Katzenberger hopes she can finally end the family feud. “How this woman treats people and me, without knowing us or me at all, I find Iris Klein – my mother-in-law – suitable for a donkey,” she exasperated in the interview.
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