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Lidl wkurzył klientów. "Promocje tylko dla bogatych"

Lidl’s customer dissatisfaction. “Promotions are for the wealthy only”

All because of the Lidl Plus app, which no longer works after the update on systems older than Android 7, which has forced another debate about Android in general.

The popular general store chain has updated the Lidl Plus app without any prior advertisements. Earned Lidl Pay Discount Coupon and Payment Logistics Tool Renewed look and some minor improvements. Unfortunately, this is not a change for the better for all customers.

Besides the changes in the front-end, the API version has also been occupied, which is what practically means here Loss of compatibility with systems older than Android 7.

Although Statcounter shows that the share of releases before the seventh In Poland it does not exceed 10 percent.There are many voices of bitterness that we get with testimony not only in the comments in the Play Store, but even in messages to the Telepolis editorial office.

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“Why can only the wealthy benefit from promotion?” – asks Mr. Andrzej. Although not everyone is too extreme in their judgments, there are also questions about, among other things, the zero-waste policy and respect for the customer.

In a statement signed by Alexandra Robaszkiewicz, Head of Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility, the company explains:

In order to ensure the proper functioning of Lidl Plus, it is necessary to keep the application up to date. Therefore, it is a practice to use notifications that will inform the user about the need to update or, for example, change the regulations. It is essential to keep the user informed of the changes and to ensure the highest possible level of security and the lowest possible failure rate for the application.

Currently, to download the app, it is necessary to have a device with Android version 7.0 or higher, or iOS 13 or higher. Due to the peculiarities of the systems, some functions of the application with lower versions of the system may not be supported or work incorrectly or slowly.

In this way, they are placed back on the pedestal Infamous android updates as. Remember that Android 7 debuted in August 2016, and its predecessors necessarily had a longer service, which in turn has fundamental shortcomings in the security layer.

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The network’s decision to give up traces can be explained logically. It is different in the case of smartphone manufacturers who, as is known, do not update their systems. Now users have suffered in a straightforward manner.

It’s different with iPhones. There, the minimum is iOS 13, version 2019. However, at the same time, the latest fifteen can be successfully launched even on the six-year-old iPhone 6s. No problem.

Image source: Unsplash (K. Mitch Hodge)

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