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Mao and Ricky chase a clown in “No puede ser”, their new song with Eladio Carrión

Want y Ricky They are enjoying a theme park until Eladio Carrión and a lone clown start their chase. This is the plot for “No puede ser”, the new song and the video they released a few hours ago. According to what they said, with this new topic they strive to stay ahead of the curve Latin urban pop to give it an electronic update.

This song was actually developed by Ricky himself through his networks. According to him, He wrote it after he dreamed that his girlfriend left him. The surreal video accompanying this release was filmed in San Diego by Stills, who Mao and Ricky have previously collaborated with and has also worked with artists like Bud Bunny, J Balvin, Snoop Dogg, and others.

Mao and Ricky, a pair that never stops growing

in the last year, Mao and Ricky made a huge leap in their careers. After releasing several songs and presenting themselves as a juror at La Voz Argentina, they began a tour in Argentina where they toured 13 cities in the country and sold four shows at Gran Rex in front of more than 12,000 people. The last date for this tour will also be in the federal capital. The date is February 11th at Luna Park And there they will play, for the first time, their new edition.

His latest songs includeBad habit” with Marie Becerra, which accumulate 100 million copies; and “tres de la Mañana” which is the song in which they chose a mix of pop and rock with Sebastián Yatra and Mora.

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Mao and Ricky with Maria Becerra (Photo: Tommy Raymond)

Ricky Montaner married Steve Roitman and they all sang

After two years of love, this Saturday Stevie Roitman s Ricky Montaner becomes husband and wife. The event was held in complete secrecy, with more than 500 guests in attendance and none cell phone. the .’s official account Want y Ricky He also shared a wedding postcard, in which the couple looks so happy with the sunset in the background.

The image shared by the brothers from their official Instagram account (Image: Capture)
The image shared by the brothers from their official Instagram account (Image: Capture)

Throughout the night, many guests performed their songs for the bride and groom. Camilo and Valona Sing “Nellie” together On stage while they were dancing in the company of their loved ones. Ricardo Montaner He also sang his songs on stage at the wedding. From the front row, with tears in his eyes, he began to sing his Latin piece “Bissami”. Ricky immediately noticed his father’s feelings, approached him and invited him to sing on stage like a great artist. Emilia Merns He was also part of the artists who went through the wedding stage. Next to Doki They sang “As If It Didn’t Matter”, the song they made together and Where apparently love was born between them.