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MAPR 6: Alexander’s “Standard No. 1” angers ZAPTV netizens

MAPR 6: Alexander’s “Standard No. 1” angers ZAPTV netizens

Two new episodes of Married at first sight It aired on M6 on Monday, May 16, 2022. Viewers were able to catch up on Alexander and Sandy a few hours before D-Day. Standard No. 1 The candidate over his future wife, irritated Internet users on Twitter.

Alexander infuriated viewers. At the age of forty, the sixth season candidate of Married at first sight He is the telephone business manager at Var. him too A father of three children born of two different relationships, He lived as a married couple for more than ten years with his ex-wife. For her part, Sandy is 32 years old and developing as a school teacher. hypersensitive, Young lady looking for a mature and attentive man. They are both 77% compatible and hope to find true love. “The veil is lifted.. After I kept this secret for several months, I announce my participation in this wonderful experience which is Married at first sight… Yes, it’s crazy, it’s crazy, but I love things that are amazing and spontaneous and out of the box. I decided to trust science and experts to find love…”, The young man announced the day Instagram March 21, 2022. But his frankness made more than one reaction on the web…

“It’s a promise!” : Netizens see the color red

in a loop Married at first sightAnd Broadcasting on Monday, May 16, 2022 on M6, Alexander received a message from Sandy. “Hello Mr. 77%, here is a little glimpse of our future meeting. I invite you to discover some clues that reveal aspects of your personality. It is up to you to discover the meanings. Mrs. 77%”, Have you written. Then many things, relating to Sandy’s centers of interest, were brought together in “Mystery Box” The young woman sent it. And a few minutes before that, Alexander confided to his friends what he expected from his future wife. “I hope it’s smiling, nice, bubbly. In Standard No. 1, I necessarily put the buttocks. She has beautiful buttocks“, Go, without a filter.

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These observations made netizens jump. “I don’t care as long as she has beautiful buttocks, they start off well”; “No, but seriously at forty, the first criterion is the buttocks?” ; “Men never change: at 40 they are always on the buttocks or breasts!” ; “Alexander: My criterion No. 1 is buttock success, this is promising”; “Her: I’m very sensitive. His: Criterion No. 1 I put my buttocks ” ; “So these 40-year-olds, their first criteria are a good pair of breasts for Frederick and buttocks for Alexander. In old age, that’s the first thing they think of”; “He wants buttocks. But seriously, what is this guy?” ; “My criteria nº1 is that she has beautiful buttocks It surprised me that you are single and have 3 children“, He reads one of the messages posted on Twitter. vibration…