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Lesson – financier

During the month of May, it was The huge Las Ventas Square in Madrid It has become the focal point of bullfighting in the world. Success there is very complicatedthe bull is often out of genre with the goal of getting to the size that a segment of the audience likes, which often works against the show, but things are as they are which is why it’s so complex that the stars line up in that arena.

character like Julian Lopez “Julie”who has been at the top of bullfighting as a bullfighter for 24 years, has been I mistreated him on more than one occasion By a minority they allowed the rest of the bullring to grow, evening after evening, harassing and scolding the bullfighters, and demanding positions and attitudes more like pub gatherings than bullfighting. Chiefs (judges of the court)also They were unfair They stole the award in more than one afternoon, and prevented the Madrilenian from crossing La Puerta Grande de las Ventas after he had carried out missions of sufficient merit.

Jolie has a lot of bullfighting That I saw him out of place after the pandemic, angry, angry. This theory is mine, given Morante’s season, the emergence of Aguado and Ortega, and how fans turned to a structural change that was necessary to shake up a system that works so well for a few.

at Mexico and in Aguascalientes I sensed that he was angry and this transmitted to the audience who, without knowing why, felt that the bullfighter was in bad shape. Things changed in Seville and the teacher smiled again. Who would take anything from Julie? Top bullfighting character.

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In Madrid he arrived home Her first appearance was last WednesdayMay 11, alternating with Morante de la Puebla and Pablo Aguado against bulls from La Quinta, Santa Coloma mated, the closest thing to a Saltillo mating found in Mexico, so for obvious reasons the Maddrilini knows it perfectly.

His first victory was wearing clogged sweatwithout removing it from the craftsmanship that the breeder has and that the breeder is looking for, bulls are very serious, but in kind and from there the master has already managed to bring the balance and logic of bullfighting back to square get up and do not let herself be intimidated when 7 fools try to do what they want.

The lesson was enormous, bullfighting, very complex, when necessary make the stars align, and this afternoon many things were accomplished. The ranchers, the Martínez Conradi family, who for years had to stay away from this ring for not giving in to the big bull, are proudly rewarded by offering the bull they carry in their heads and hearts at this bullring.

The best impulse fell into the hands of someone who knew that bull well, the “jolly” who had the privilege of his mind and his ability was proven and his condition was shown. The man from Madrid invaded Mexico by bullfighting and tattooed the bull’s behavior on his wrists and fingertips.

He bred bulls from La Quinta, the first deprived of the second ear, in my view as an amateur, won by the law, why? Well, because the president, completely insane, instead of defending the interests of 20,000 fans, allows himself to be intimidated by seven criminals like himself. In addition, the second would have opened the Puerta Grande and appeared to be in Madrid under censorship to enjoy Las Ventas.

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He punched a second, who was able to fight with him as we’ve seen here hundreds of times. I loved seeing the full master, smiling, enjoying the fight, going around between muletazo and muletazo waiting for the bull with the crutch in his left hand, and fainting in the ring, giving the bull time to take the crutch carefully, with the top characteristic of the Mexican bull, slowness.

Madrid shocked, 7 silent and bullfighting resumed Balance things well, entipado eruption and good fans enjoying themselves. This is Julie’s real victory that afternoon. Balancing teaching in front of the miserable pioneering role of the few.

Madrid was the Madrid you really should be. Bullfighting won.