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Marvel Studios can’t tell who will win between Thor and Captain Marvel.

Who is stronger, Thor or Captain Marvel? It’s a big question fans are asking that Marvel Studios doesn’t want to answer.

If we continue events Marvel Film StudiosThere is no reason for them to clash at this time. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and the Captain Marvel (Brie Larson). Since the two of them fought together against Thanos (Josh Brolin). At his best, God of Thunder has proven to be a very powerful opponent, while Carol Danvers is arguably the strongest. But we don’t know what would happen if they encountered each other.

Spoilers warning. Marvel Studios had a chance to announce the winner and they didn’t dare. Since then in the episode If… ?Series Marvel Studios Which can be referred to at the following address Disney PlusShow us a fact where bull They didn’t grow up with her loki. This prompted him to become a party animal and have a dream… Odin To travel to Earth and turn it into a permanent party. He also invited various extraterrestrials to trigger the event, causing chaos on the planet. In order to stop the God of Thunder, SHIELD only had one option left, and that was to summon Captain Marvel. So we see some fights where the two are about the same in strength. Although it is suggested that Captain Marvel He doesn’t want to use all his strength not to destroy the many different cities in which they collide. in addition to bull Don’t take things too seriously.

The result of the fight stopped.

Before the two men were about to strike with all their might, the fight stopped due to… Frega.’s mother bull. Because by projection, he warns him that he will travel on Earth and warns him that he must find everything correctly. This pushes him to bull He’ll come to his senses and start cleaning up the mess he’s made by constantly partying. So we wonder which of these two great heroes are in Marvel Studios You will win the battle.

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