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Masterchef Celebrity México: These are the best memes of Annette Michel’s absence

Celebrity chief (Photo: TV Azteca)
Celebrity chief (Photo: TV Azteca)

Came back on Friday night chef, One of Mexico’s most loved TV shows. This time it has a completely different twist, as it came in its version big success, so in addition to the famous judges, viewers will be able to watch some of their favorite celebrities perform all kinds of dishes. however, Memes weren’t lost Then we show you the best of them.

However, during the first broadcast of the season, criticism from the public was immediate, such as the absence of the driver Annette Michelle bothered more than one viewer, they didn’t want to accept that now Rebecca de Alba Be the show host.

Thus, between messages such as “It took 5 minutes of the program to discover that Queen Annette Michele was lost” to “Annette Michel is badly needed on the show, but she continues to win.”Social networks flooded.

(Photo: screenshot / Twpatan_principe)
(Photo: screenshot / Twpatan_principe)

Similarly, Twitter users decided to compare this change to one of the most popular Mexican series.

Annette Michele’s change to Rebecca de Alba is more colero than Belinda for Daniela Logan In accomplices to the rescue, ”the netizen was sentenced.

He was the one who took the night too Patti Navidad, who recently contracted COVID-19 It was still the perfect target for jokes from Internet users.

(Photo: screenshot/Twfac_Neith)
(Photo: screenshot/Twfac_Neith)

The tweeters also did not let them pass that the actress was a sincere believer in conspiracy theories and mocked them.

Chefs are experimenting with patty navidad dishes And listen to your conspiracy theories at the same time #MasterChefCelebrity #MasterChefCelebrityMx #chef

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Plus, Aristeo Cázares and Javier Vázquez also fit in, coming together as a team and even Chef Betty couldn’t resist their charm.

But, going back to Annete Michel, we must remember that, trEight seasons of participating in MasterChef decided to retire permanently.

(Photo: screenshot/Twsaekhox)
(Photo: screenshot/Twsaekhox)

was on show tell me now! The presenter recently recounted how she felt about her exit from this show and her new project on Televisa.

“It was very complicated, but I don’t regret it for half a second”Annette said when asked about her departure from the reality show that It was one of the most important projects of his life.

The actress and host said she is as convinced of her decision as it is now About to start recording the series to see you againwho will be next to him Brandon Benish: “I am very happy that I am starting a new project very soon, and I am getting back into acting, which I have already missed and they don’t know how much”.

(Photo: screenshot / Tw @ edgarperez_5)
(Photo: screenshot / Tw @ edgarperez_5)

The actress stated that there was a point in her life that she longed to return to soap operas because it was a very important part of her life, and when she had the opportunity to do so, she decided to make this difficult decision.

When leaving MasterChefAnnette said that It was due to reasons beyond her control, because his intention was to return to the program: “I was very happy for eight seasons. I love the chefs and the exceptional production, but There are internal administrative cases that do not accompany me“.

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Although Annette felt comfortable in the dining program throughout her stay, she stated that For several years I was already looking for an opportunity to join other projects.

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