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Mysterious Duos: Jeff Panaclock impresses netizens with his unexpected talent as a singer

On Friday, August 20, 2021, at TF1, Duos Mystères entertainment celebrated its return with an unprecedented number. On this occasion, netizens were able to discover the unexpected talent of Jeff Panaclock, whose singing performance will not fail to make an impression!

Presented by Alessandra Sublet, Duos Mystères is back again for TF1 Friday, August 20, 2021. The principle of the show is simple: two celebrities are invited to take the stage to share a duet and not discover the identity of the other until late, as soon as the song progresses well and under the viewers eyes For whom the surprise is complete too. To do this, both characters train on their own and then take their place on stage and start singing as they are separated by a reflective wall. Musical hide and seek game as we like it ! Throughout the entertainment period, surprises, emotions and Netizens can count on Jeff Panacloc to impress !

« I have to be up to the task »

The singer also faced Amir, Jeff Banaclock featured the song When we come to town. We’re more used to seeing a doll in hand than a microphone, and he managed to create a surprise. And for good reason, ventriloquist and French humorist Unveiled a very beautiful voice And his performance was more accurate! When they discovered each other, the artists seemed especially surprised and happy to see each other. For a prince to declare: “ You’ve made a thousand movies, but you’re the last thing I think about brother Before Bidding on Jeff Panaclock: It’s actually improbable, because I this is not my job He continues with these words: It’s a very difficult song to send, but I thought, if I had a pro in front of me, I should go. It doesn’t matter who’s in front of you I have to be up to the task “. A duet and, to say the least, unexpected performance that will not fail to get netizens engaged. On Twitter, we can read: “ But that’s because he sings so well “,” Congratulations to Jeff Panaclock who sings so well “,” An unlikely but highly successful duo “,” I’m surprised, but he sings well “… it is clear that The two friends were able to make quite a stir !

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