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Tesla Gigafactory Berlín

Millionaire subsidy Tesla from the fortune of the communist regime?

Victims of communism criticize the financing of the third richest man in the world

Berlin Germany. – Local media announced this Thursday Brandenburg will support nearly $10 million Infrastructure costs of tesla giga factory what is built On the outskirts of Berlin.

The wealth of the communist regime?

Millionaire resource will come from A trust fund Manages the rest of the The fortune of the German communist regime.

Elon Musk, Founder Tesla, with state officials at the construction site this week.

Protest of the victims of communism

Present day, Victims of the communist regime In East Germany they protested the extradition decision Electric vehicle manufacturers custom support.

the UOKG . Association،, who represents victims of communism in East Germany, said he welcomes Factory buildingBut he wondered, “Why the state government of Brandenburg? Help the third richest man in the world” With Funds confiscated from the entities of the previous regime.

Supplier for other business

Dieter DombrowskiThe head of the organization said the money could also have been used to help build schools, shelters for the elderly, nurseries for children or memorials to the victims of the communist dictatorship.

Anniversary of the Berlin Wall

Dombrowski noted that Friday marks the 60th anniversary of the day construction of the Berlin Wall began, when dozens of East Germans who tried to escape until 1989 were killed.

Another protest

next to, Catherina SlaninaD., of the opposition Left Party in the state of Brandenburg, also spoke out against the decision to grant millionaire support.

“It is not acceptable for billionaire Musk to put the risks and side effects of this project on the shoulders of the public, but keep all the profits for himself,” he said.

Katharina Slanina’s party is the successor Socialist United Party of Germany Oriental.

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