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“Millionaires”. What do cats and anchors have in common? Question and Answer

What do cats and anchors have in common? – This was heard briefly in Chapter 436 of “Millionaires”. The correct answer is worth 2,000. Slodis. Can you pay?

The 436th episode of the show began with the deletion. Hubert Urbański introduced the participants and then asked a choice question. Only three people gave the correct answer, but Jakub Balcerski, an artist from dź, changed fast.

– I am a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts. I graduated from two faculties there. First, I graduated from the Faculty of Visual Arts in 2011 with a Masters Degree in Painting and Photography, and then a Masters Degree in Printing on Fabric and Painting in the Faculty of Textiles and Clothing. I am studying Third Major there. These are postgraduate courses in costume design – explained by the participant.

Jacques Palsersky used all Life Boy at the start of his game. For the first question, he asked the friend’s phone number, the second – “half and half”, and the third – to change the question. The new ones are as follows:

As it turns out, cats and anchors are a lot more common. Both have in common:

– Bye. I would like to reject the T answer. Cats have beautiful gait, but anchor? We throw it to stop the ship. It seems to me that this may be the answer to A, which allows the anchor to moor and stop when we drop it. If I had to shoot, I would shoot in response to A. Henin, I might have changed that question. Patches and lines may be appropriate for the boat … Wait, wait a second … A or C. I risk one of two. Finally, I mean A – said the participant after a long thought.

What do cats and anchors have in common?

Correct Answer: a.

Cats and anchors are a lot more common. Both usually have these three components. On the other hand, the ear, trunk, feet and nails are the basic elements of the anchor.

Author:Dominika Chernyszevska

Key Photo Source: Bardos Grupa / Eastern News

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