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Jakobiyanga.  What is the road from Krakow to Jacobin on New Year's Day?

Jakobiyanga. What is the road from Krakow to Jacobin on New Year’s Day?

  • Every year on New Year’s Day, before the outbreak of the plague, Jakobianka became heavily congested.
  • A year ago the situation was completely different, you can easily get from Krakow to Jakoben in 2 hours.
  • This year we are going to check out what the popular route in Botale looks like. The road surprises us – there is not much traffic and we always drive smoothly
  • More information can be found on the Onet homepage

Every year on New Year’s Day, the popular route from Krakow to Bodale is congested due to the crowds of tourists who want to welcome the New Year under the Tatra Mountains. Last year’s New Year’s Eve was the exception due to Lockdown. At the time, epidemic controls made it impossible to rent shelters across the country. Nevertheless, some tourists came to the winter capital of Poland, but of course less than usual. Therefore, there is practically no traffic in Jakobiyanga.

On the last day of 2021, we decided to check out what the road from Krakow to Jakoben would look like.

Jogobianka on New Year’s Day – How does our road go?

A few days before the New Year, police said there was an increase in traffic on the roads leading to Jacobin. Asp. workers. Roman Vysorek, spokesman for the Jacobin Police, Encouraged the use of collective transport, especially on trains. – Trains are convenient, and there are long-distance connections from Gdansk or Warsaw to the Jakoben Center. This is definitely a better solution than standing in a traffic jam for 5-6 hours or more after the New Year celebration in Jakobiyanga. – He said in an interview with Onet Podróże.

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We chose the bus and left Krakw train station at 7.40. There were few people at the station and the bus was almost empty. A few traveled to Jakobane, but some landed elsewhere along the way.

Photo: Natalia Gomulka / Onet

Some traveled by bus to Jakobane

The navigation indicated that we would be there at 9.46, I.e. just over 2 hours after departure. But, taking into account that we are going by bus, we have to take into account that the road will be slightly longer due to parking at the stops. The carrier delivers the scheduled time to 9.53.

Photo: Natalia Gomulka / Onet

Navigation is slightly longer than 2 hours. Expensive

The weather is not favorable – it rains and in some places it creates fog. However, traffic on the road is limited. The road is empty in many parts of the road. No traffic jams, we always run smoothly. We pass by cars with different registration numbers – Polish and foreign.

Photo: Natalia Gomulka / Onet

The weather was bad but there was no traffic congestion

Halfway through, let’s see what the navigation says. Near Zakopane, there are red sections that say the road is congested.

Road condition in Zakopane center. “It will be Armageddon”

According to a Zakopane police spokesman, one can observe an increase in traffic at Zakopane’s center just two days before the New Year.

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– asp said. workers. Roman Vysorek.

– Also my request to everyone who goes to ski slopes or to the Jacobin Center. Use public transportation. Unfortunately, cars get stuck in traffic and the city has less capacity to get cars. If there are fewer cars, efficient communication will take everyone to that place – Wieczorek stressed.

The head of the Tatra Chamber of Commerce also pointed out communication problems.

– Two days before the New Year, communication problems began to appear, Within hours the whole city was at a standstill. On New Year’s Eve, the streets will be closed and car parking in the center will be disabled. In terms of communication I suspect it will be Armageddon – He agrees.

Photo: Natalia Gomulka / Onet

It will be crowded when Jacobin enters

Just before reaching the target, someone from the opposite direction lights up their lights – they let you know that a police patrol is standing nearby. Police accidentally restrain drivers.

Photo: Natalia Gomulka / Onet

Police occasionally control cars

We arrive at 9.53 just in time – As promised by the carrier.

Are you going to Jakobane? Check the path

If you are planning a trip to Jakobane, it is important to check what conditions await you along the way. Such information can be found on the website of the Directorate General of National Roads and Administration, where travel time data is available in the Krakow-Jakoben section. In service See how much time we spend in the car live.

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Traffic on the road from Krakow to Jacobin