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Moon Knight has revealed its first trailer featuring a hero in disarray

“I can’t distinguish between my life and my dreams,” character Stephen Grant (Oscar Isaac) said in the first trailer for the movie. moon knight, The latest series from Marvel Studios.

A preview revealed on the night of January 17, coinciding with the full moon — important details because the superhero sees a disparity in strength depending on the phases of the Earth’s satellite — provided a glimpse of what would be seen in expected production.

The six-part production arrives at Disney+ on March 30th. The trailer introduces us to Stephen Grant, a shop worker who has trouble sleeping. One day he starts to have visions and memories of another life that get more and more complicated when someone starts calling him Mark, a name he doesn’t agree with. To make matters worse, a mysterious man named Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) appears to know a lot about this mystery.

The trailer also shows the hero’s costume in more detail and with it a revelation by introducing us to Stephen Grant (one of Mark’s identities) as moon knight, Well, the most cooked identity for this character is Mark Spector.

At the moment, the trailer does not show how Stephen embodies the superhero.

The series is directed by Mohamed Diab, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.

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