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Nabila believes he is Jean Castex aboard TGV Paris-La Rochelle

Nabila surprised the passengers of the Paris La Rochelle train. Like the flight attendant, the 29-year-old sent a very surprising little message to travelers.

It’s Nabila’s big leap! On social networks, Former Contestant in Reality TV It announced to netizens that it will be participating for the first time in Boyar Castle. “Crazy day, I do Fort Boyard !!! I am afraidThis revelation surprised her fans who were now impatient to discover Thomas Vergara’s wife was facing Father Firas, whom I named Father Voightard. But before she finds herself ready to take on all the challenges in the company of other celebrities, Milan’s young mother brings her subscribers to life. His journey in the Charente Maritime. The 29-year-old is already worried about the idea of ​​having to jump into a void or meet creatures of all kinds.

A lunar message

So in order to relieve stress and also entertain his fans, Nabila thought it was Jane Castex during her TGV trip between Paris and La Rochelle. Like the Prime Minister who opened the reopening of the Paris-Nice night train by playing SNCF agents and delivering a welcome message to passengers, The young mother also played the captain of the boat. True to herself, Nobila made travelers laugh a lot by winking over her cult streak. “Hello! No but hello! You’re a traveler and don’t have a ticket, it’s like I’m telling you that you are a train and have no wheels! No, but hello what!She said.

Nabila also surprised everyone by giving Very strange advice to passengers : “Before going downhill, make sure you have all of your personal belongings in hand and that you don’t leave your mask on the floor. Put the masks on your head and the used tissues in the place and your body in the trash! have a good day !And she concluded with a laugh. Travelers will surely remember their trip for a long time!

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