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New humor that will make you laugh

New humor that will make you laugh

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Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath is back after 15 years OSS 117: The Spy’s Nest in Cairo For a new investigation but this time, he’ll have to deal with a new recruit, who looks more like him than he’s willing to admit. And the main recruiter for this teaser is Pierre Nene!

As a young man who recently became an agent, he needed solid training. Who is the best of the best special forces spy for this mission? Directed by Nicolas Bedos, the film is set in 1981 in Africa where OSS 117 and OSS 1001 will have to team up to achieve what promises to be the most complex and complex investigation in this saga.

Their relationship may not be easy. If at first the new kid seems so impressed and grateful to work with that spy he is so impressed, it doesn’t take long for the generation gap to create opposition in timing and situations that is more prevalent than others. All this is under the watchful eye of Fatou Ndiaye, who has returned to service.

If Pierre Nene seems funnier than ever, we’ll have to wait a little longer because the movie is out in theaters from August 4. To prepare, we can only advise you to update yourself on the old opus!

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