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New image: 'M&M' advertising characters are now more 'integrative'

New image: ‘M&M’ advertising characters are now more ‘integrative’

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‘More inclusive and inviting’ – ‘M & Ms’ characters will be reworked

Chocolate lentils move with time

Chocolate lentils move with time

These: AP/Charlie Riddle

Gender, MeToo, Black Lives Matter – Recently many brands have also wanted to keep up with the times in terms of social and political issues. Now it’s chocolate candy from “M&M” – the entire advertising look will be revised.

sColorful chocolate candies “M & Ms” have been sold since 1941, and the brand is known all over the world, also thanks to brightly colored commercials in which the sweets are revived as small characters in the style of a cartoon.

Incidentally, the name “M&Ms” refers to “Mars & Murrie’s” – after Forrest E. Mars, candy inventor and business partner Bruce Murrie. With so much tradition, you shouldn’t miss out on a little fresh air, but apparently the American manufacturer Mars thought so. A breath of fresh air is needed, reviving old advertising figures.

In a press release You can read where the path should go: “M&Ms” want to evoke a sense of connectedness from now on, regardless of culture, origin, ethnicity, language or place of residence. This also includes changes to the brand’s appearance and personalized advertising personalities. The company said one of the feminine-looking chocolate lenses will soon be wearing sneakers instead of heels to reflect her “confidence and confidence as a strong woman”.

In addition, there should be more different colors and sizes of chocolate lenses. This is intended to create more respect for the diversity of body shapes. And last but not least, the gender of the lenses takes a back seat to emphasize the “fine figure” even more.

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“We are excited to unveil our new ‘M&Ms’ brand, which fans will see come to life at every touch point around the world,” said Jin Huang, Vice President of Global Marketing in March.

The ad attack was met with mixed reactions online. On Twitter, many users joked about the “politically correct” sweets. the Bild newspaper was angry Even against the “chocolate lentils woke up”, the Stern was more conservative He talked about the “contemporary look” of the product.

The British newspaper, The Guardian, responded He responded with a degree of sarcasm for the planned image change in “M&Ms,” writing in one column: “If Mars really wanted to appeal to Generation Z, they would have to give every M&M a bisexual girlfriend – and an unpaid student loan of £40,000.”

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