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New scam on "Ali Rossmann".  This message is not received

New scam on “Ali Rossmann”. This message is not received

Winning the Rossmann contest is tempting – you can get a voucher in the amount of PLN 2000! However, this is not a great opportunity, but a scam and a trap set by the cybercriminals.

It has long been known that cybercriminals use various tricks to steal our data or extort money. It is always good to be on the alert – for example, when you receive an alleged message on WhatsApp A lottery organized by the chain of Rossmann stores.

Another online scam – a way to get Rossmann

According to CyberRescue, scammers came up with the idea to impersonate a popular supermarket chain to organize a contest Gift voucher worth 2000 PLN – To cash in on in-store purchases.

This prize can be tempting, especially since the rules of the lottery are not difficult. Just enter your contact details (first and last name, email address and date of birth), send the link to your friends and Download the app to your phone. Needless to say, how many red flags are in the above sentence.

Unfortunately, not all netizens are savvy enough to notice the danger. That is why it is so important to inform our loved ones of the potential dangers.

Foot. cyber rescue

Today, CyberRescue reported the danger – early internet users have already fallen victim to scammers. A man whose wife clicked came to the company Whatsapp link:

Fortunately, my wife uses an Apple-branded phone, and CyberRescue experts tell me that the infected software is only dangerous for Android devices, the customer says.

The infected person reset the smartphone to factory settings and changed online banking passwords in case. These are very important steps in such a case.


Foot. Sergey Nevins,

What to do if we come across a link about a fun contest – for example, a friend sent it to us? It is always a good idea to check the official media of a particular brand afterwards. There, without a doubt, we will find information about the lottery, and it is worth using the information and links on these websites.

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Suspicious links and messages, if possible worth reporting. We can, for example, contact a CyberRescue group via Facebook Messenger.

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