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New Year's Eve with WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram: this is how you send your New Year's greetings with time control

New Year’s Eve with WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram: this is how you send your New Year’s greetings with time control


Sending New Year’s greetings via WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal can be stressful. So you write your messages in advance and send them later on a fixed time basis.

We’ll show you how to layout messages in Telegram, WhatsApp, and Signal. (Source: londondeposit/

  • Describe messages and then automatically send them at a certain time, if possible?
  • This is possible with Telegram. With WhatsApp and Signal, you have to cheat a little.

The beginning of the year can turn stressful. Especially if you wish to wish your loved ones a Happy New Year on the exact date in the middle of the night. The message should be as creative as possible and then it should be fast. If you want to save yourself from that stress, prepare your greetings and then send them automatically via WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal in the middle of the night.

Telegram offers hidden time control

The easiest way to do this is with Telegram. The messenger provides a function of sending time-controlled messages, and this is well hidden. In a separate guide we show you how to send greetings for New Year’s Eve using Telegram in a time-controlled manner.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not offer such functionality. Here you should use third-party tools. A popular tool for this is SKEdit. We will show you in a separate guide how you can use it to plan to send WhatsApp messages.

But be careful! In fact, automatic sending of messages is prohibited on WhatsApp and can lead to your account being banned, so you need to weigh carefully whether you want to take the risk.

Signal workaround: use drafts

Unfortunately, Signal also doesn’t have the option to send messages with a time delay before works – not even using third-party tools. However, there is an alternative solution. Because Signal saves messages described as draft in chat, even if you close the app. So you can easily describe your greetings and then call the chats one by one at midnight and fire messages.

Are you still looking for ideas for creative New Year’s Eve and New Year’s greetings? We will show you how to create creative greetings using suitable images for WhatsApp and Co. We have also compiled the best New Year sayings or you just wish Happy New Year via GIF.

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