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Nexera: How is the billionth investment in building a fiber network going?

By the end of 2021, Nexera had covered 280,000 with its fiber optic access network. Family located in 2500 district in central and northeastern Poland. The wholesale operator provided the latest business data.

At the end of 2021, Nexera was within the network 280 thousand families w 2500 localIt is located in four Polish regions – Świętokrzyskie, więtokrzyskie, Kojawi with Pomerania and Mazovia and in Warmia and the Mazuria region.

For comparison, Nexery Network is included in 2020 100 thousand families In 900 villages and towns. Moreover, thanks to the operator’s actions, the Polish Educational Network (OSE) is now available To more than 1800 websites.

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In 2021 Average speed of services increased (340 to 380 Mbps) and also number of operators Provision of services on the Nexera network – from 22 to 38.

Residents of the Nexery network on a single fiber get access to the offerings of several retail providers. In some regions, you can choose from up to 10 operators. Internet users can also easily change their provider without having to reconnect to the network

– Praises Paweł Biarda, Nexera Board Member.

In 2021, Nexera signed a loan agreement with the Banking Association A total amount of more than 1 billion PLN. According to the assumptions, the financing was to be allocated to investments related to fiber optic network development In the most excluded regions of Poland. The total amount of investment by Nexera was up to 3 billion PLN.

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On the basis of the Digital Poland Operational Program (POPC), Nexera is building Fiber optic network in 14 regions Central and Northeastern Poland. The program aims to eliminate those places in the country that do not have access to high-speed internet and to counteract the digital exclusion of EU citizens.

In the end, it will be within the range of optical fiber network More than a million families And Nearly 3 thousand schools and educational modules to be covered by the Nexery Network, through co-financing under the OP DP and as part of the implementation of special projects.

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Image source: Pixabay

Text source: Nexera