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“no longer working”

“no longer working”

Sophia Thiel lives with an eating disorder. Photo: dpa / Peter Kneffel

After a YouTube outage for several weeks, Sophia Thiel is back. The influencer on her channel tries to not only take her followers to the most important events in life, but also provide insights into the challenges she faces. This means, among other things, basic information about her life with an eating disorder, as well as how she is doing in her current fitness program. In her latest video, she spoke candidly about how one of her toughest times has affected her mental health.

Sophia Thiel had to come to terms with a painful loss

In mid-March, the 27-year-old suffered a fatal blow: At just 39, her good friend, fitness influencer Verena Sam, lost her battle with cancer. The two met in Berlin in 2016, and the two influencers have since become close friends. Together they went through Sophia’s toughest times, Till wrote in a touching and intimate farewell letter.

Well, in the latest video, Sophia tells her 1 million subscribers about the stark effect losing her “heart” has on their mental health.

Fitness influencer struggling with her eating habits

After an entire week and a well-timed training plan, everything suddenly changed for Sophia Thiel. It was “nothing at first.” From “moment to moment” she’s been on a nasty crash phase, as she revealed in her YouTube post. This was especially noticeable in their eating habits. Overwhelmed with stark emotions like “bewilderment, sadness, and anger,” the fitness model thought, “I have to eat somehow now.” The influencer continues in the video: “If I don’t do this now, it will tear me apart.”

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These strong negative emotions affected her athletic behavior to the point that she lost her motivation to exercise. Combined with changing eating habits, the athlete has made huge accusations to herself. The Youtuber has since been sharing her thoughts and fears in the video: “Now you may even see that I’m feeling bad, that I may have eaten pizza somehow.”

Sophia, who is open about her eating disorder and its related treatment, can still draw a hopeful conclusion: “It was a mental challenge for me, it was a very powerful one.” I’ve learned that you have to take care of yourself in moments like these. Especially since bad things often happen without warning.