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Polska Grupa Energetyczna podała daty wyłączenia bloków energetycznych Elektrowni Bełchatów i zakończenia wydobywania węgla brunatnego. W planie "sprawiedliwej transformacji Zagłębia Bełchatowskiego" zapisano, że ostatni blok ma zostać wyłączony w 2036 roku, a zakończenie eksploatacji złóż - w 2038 roku.

No more coal in Bełchatów. PGE announced the dates

Polska Grupa Energetyczna has announced the dates for the decommissioning of power units at the Bełchatów power plant and the termination of lignite extraction. The plan for “fair conversion of the Bełchatów Basin” states that the last unit will be closed in 2036, and the exploitation of the fields will be completed in 2038.

In the statement sent to PAP, Polska Grupa Energetyczna referred to the project that had been adopted the day before by the Lodz Provincial Administrative Board. The plan for the equitable transformation of the Bełchatów Basin. It contains the closing dates of the power units of the Bełchatów Power Plant and the completion date of lignite mining in the Bełchatów region. Preparation of the plan is required in the process of applying for EU funding for the region.

As stated in the press release, decisions published in the FTP will be feasible assuming EU support is received.

We want وودód to be able to use EU funds for a fair transition. The scheduling of closing dates for the power units of the Bełchatów power plant and termination of the exploitation of the Bełchatów and Szczerców lignite deposits, as well as the abandonment of the plan for the exploitation of the Złoczew deposits are of fundamental importance for planning the future of the Bełchatów power complex, its employees and residents of this region. It is also symbolic, because the success of this project will largely determine the success of Poland’s energy transition – confirmed the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, Wojciech Dąbrowski.

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The published plan includes the dates of decommissioning of the power units of the Bełchatów power plant. According to data from the Ministry of State Assets (MAP), these will be: 2030-1 block, 2031-1 block, 2032 – 2 blocks, 2033 – 2 blocks, 2034 – 3 blocks, 2035 – 2 blocks and 2036 – 1 block.

In turn – according to map data – The field exploitation currently underway in the Bełchatów and Szczerców fields will end in 2026 and 2038, respectively. In the ód Provincial Equitable Transformation Plan, it was emphasized that extracting coal from this deposit would be permanently unprofitable, so the PGE does not plan to extract lignite from the Złoczew deposit and this area has been reported to a conversion area.

Malfunction of the Bełchatów power station. ‘Procedures need to be modified’

Malfunction of the Bełchatów power station. "Procedures need to be modified"

Today, the Bełchatów energy complex is the largest employer in the field of transformation in the province of ód, which is why it is so important for us to properly plan its future in such a way that it is possible to minimize negative social and economic impacts. Effects of extinguishing its activities in the mining and energy sector. This will be possible only by launching systematic projects and creating real opportunities for retraining and developing new professional competencies among current and future employees of the Bełchatów energy complex, on which we are working – Notice Lodz County Commander Grzegorz Schreiber.

The Board of Directors of the PGE Group confirmed that it is aware of the social and economic consequences of the decisions taken and the need to make a systematic effort to secure the future of the employees of the Bełchatów energy complex and residents of the entire transition zone.

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As part of the transformation plan, PGE has introduced a number of projects, including Investments in low- and zero-emissions energy sources: Wind farm projects with a capacity of approximately 100 MW, PV farms with a capacity of approximately 600 MW, energy storage with a capacity of up to 300 MW, the establishment of a center for renewable energy technology based on existing support companies that will shift towards implementing renewable energy projects or expanding aggregate and limestone lines. In the first phase of the transformation of the Bełchatów region, PGE Group will spend approximately PLN 5 billion on investments.

Fire at the Bełchatów power station. The largest unit was closed by the end of May