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Nodeli end? Belinda and Nodal are unfollowed on Instagram

Saturday night, rumors about Belinda and Christian Nodal split They intensified. The above, after Nodeli fans noticed that Delete all photos Which he has on his Instagram account, including those related to his relationship, to leave only a picture Speedy Gonzalez, who climbed in 2018.

In addition to the couple’s followers Notice that they have unfollowed each other on the same social network. As a result, they are waiting for the official notification about their broken hearts or the clarification of the actions that made their fans sad.

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Nodeli memes are not missing

As in every situation there is someone who takes it with humor, so some Twitter users have taken advantage of this news to develop funny memes. Whether to make fun of the situation or face this sad reality with laughter, Messages and pictures posted on social media spread.

Among the comments, some claimed that the end of this relationship for about a year, would bring sad songs to the singer and songwriter for people to accompany their parties with alcohol.

Others noted that Nodal will definitely collaborate with Lupillo Rivera, as they will share a broken heart for the same artist.

Other people have activated ‘Pati Chaboy Mode’ to start theories Comments about this rumor.

The fact is that none of the singers and songwriters have said anything about her, so the hopes of Nodeli fans continue.

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