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Noelia reveals that she has been suffering from Vitiligo for years due to her stress

Noelia He’s been true to his millions of followers and revealed a part of his life that was out of the public eye, but now he’s decided to talk a little bit about a condition he’s had to live with for years.

The famous singer who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and who endowed her fans with wonderful musical themes like “You are“,”candle“,”nail me your loveAnd recently, Let’s Go to the Beach, who has a successful career of more than 20 years, spoke about his experience in recent years with Vitiligo.

In a recent post on her Instagram account by the beautiful and very brave translator, she told how she lived through one of the toughest tests of her life.

15 years ago my heart fell into a thousand pieces… when I saw my dreams, my work, my efforts and my illusions succumb to the worst villain a woman can suffer”, he expressed in the post about his fans.

According to Noelia, the roots of the disease arose from a period of extreme stress in her life, during which she was the target of many criticisms of her person. But she had to find the strength to adapt and move on as the strong woman she had always been, but several changes in her nerves caused her skin to start losing color in some areas.

After months of crying, a lot of stress and a lot of suffering and bullying, My body began to pay for the tension and nerves, I became ill over time, and certain parts of my skin began to lose color‘, the Puerto Rican continued to express.

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The blonde singer shares that she consulted with many specialists and experienced major stressful moments before and after her Vitiligo diagnosis and reveals that it took her some time to find the motivation to deal with the situation but finally realized that those marks on her skin were “scars” from the experiences and lessons God had given her.

Vitiligo and I are now friends. We have learned to live together, one more stigma less one stigma does not make me less in the eyes of God and the universe“, is over.