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On Monday, April 12th, the fights begin at “La Voz Kids”.

Camilo, Belinda, Maria Jose, Mao and Ricky have already formed their teams

Written by Meno de Blanc

On Monday, April 12 at 7:30 PM, the battles will begin in “La Voz Kids” and will be broadcast by Azteca Uno.

Coaches Camilo, Belinda, Maria Jose, Mao and Ricky have each formed their teams with 15 talented voices for children, who will compete for a place in this competition through each music competition.

The Camilo team consists of Alex, Ferchis, Salma, Valentina, Camila RM, Oscar, Wendy, Santiago, Luis Ángel, Luis Enrique, Emily, Mariana, Hannia, Camila and Edgar.

Belinda’s team consists of Jesus, Mario, Damien, Leonardo, Christian, Carlos, Randy, Romina, Azul, Ziadani, Santiago, Friad, Sarah Jade, Mabel, Sophie and Sol.

Maria Jose’s team consists of Renata Tello, Ali Rivera, Lily Lucero, Alexa, Zimina, Mauro, Alexis, Johan, Valentina, Angel, Andre, Anais, Sophia, Renee and Andrea.

While Mao and Ricky will have the vocal talent of Daniel, Christian, Sophia, Nicole, Eric Elian, Romina, Alexandra, Tati Pascual, Vale, Daniel Puzo, Juan Pablo, Adolfo, Frida, Nahome and Leonardo.

This way, the coaches will have to fight so that everyone on their team can Team Stay in discord. Meanwhile, each child will give their best presentation in order to survive this wonderful stage until the grand finale.

“La Voz Kids” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7:30 pm on Azteca Uno.

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