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The most beautiful life in advance: Summary of Friday’s episode, July 8, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News series on TV

The most beautiful life in advance: Summary of Friday’s episode, July 8, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News series on TV

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” .. Will Abdel and Barbara have the same romantic path? Eric can no longer stand life in the police station. For their part, bid farewell to Leah and Babeth.

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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of the most beautiful life Tomorrow night broadcast on France 3!

Abdel and Elsa meet again

Upon entering his daughter’s home, Leo discovers her on the phone with Tim. Their conversation rages. The journalist insists that Barbara join him in Paris, but the latter cannot overcome her betrayal. She hung the line, then blocked it, before bursting into tears. Her father consoles her.

For his part, Abdel tries to reach Elisa for the news, to no avail. Then he tells his father that the case has been closed. Karim apologizes to his son for what happened. After that, Abdul makes an appointment with his ex-client, who is still in dispute with his neighborhood. Finally, he takes advantage of Nisma County to end his professional relationship with this client.

Meanwhile, Barbara drowns out her grief at work. She tells Thomas that she feels ready for a new challenge: In this case, she wants their restaurant to receive a star.

Meanwhile, Elissa ends up accessing Abdel’s with a fund containing five years of BTC accounting. Abd understands that she is killing his father’s trust to be able to corner him. The two lovers are back together. Later, Barbara sees them kissing after placing plaques…

Eric’s life as a policeman is exhausted

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Eric wakes up in a bad mood: his apartment is filthy and untidy, and Aryan calls him to ask him to take her to the police station because she’s starting to lose patience with the scrap dealer she’s been questioning for two days. Immediately, Eric noticed that he was relentlessly interrogating him to extract information from him, to no avail. He thinks she should let him go. Aryan is surprised by her colleague’s lack of perseverance. The latter admits that he is simply tired. Moreover, he is ready to leave the police station when Aryan reminds him that there is a retirement party for Buchran.

Eric makes an effort to be present. Aryan helps arrange in the end. When you ask him about his condition, Eric reveals that he doesn’t want to be a cop anymore. At the end of the day, Eric joins Simon, who takes him to a renovated place with a great view. Eric admits that he no longer wants to leave…

Leah and Babeth say their goodbyes

Even if they can count on Manon’s help, Patrick and Jean Paul dread the next few weeks without their partner taking care of the children. The latter, on his way out, tried to convince themselves that they would be successful without them.

At the time of farewell, Leah and Babth put on a good face. But once they get to the ambulance that takes them to the Basque Country, they let their anger and frustration erupt.

Meanwhile, as local radio praises firefighters for controlling bushfires in remote areas, an arson attack has broken out…

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