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Open keepsake!  Reebok launches the Power Rangers Tennis Collection – El Financiero

Open keepsake! Reebok launches the Power Rangers Tennis Collection – El Financiero

Reebok announced that it will launch its collection Power Rangers in association with Hasbro. The popular 90’s series will now be in your hands.

The collection features sneakers for the whole family, combining iconic Reebok designs with five original Power Rangers.

In the Reebok launch, you can find:

– the red guard : Its details include a serrated toe that represents the teeth of a tyrannosaurus tyrannosaurus.

– Black Ranger: The Nano X1 Black Ranger will allow you to perform all your physical activities without losing style. The model comes with a tab on the heel that references the ’90s look of this iconic bouncer.

– Blue Ranger They have a transparent sole that shows us the power that is inside this shoe. The silhouette also includes a white collar and heel accents that mimic the design of the Dinozord Triceratops crown.

Pink Ranger: The model includes pink stripes on the instep and silver geometric details on the heel as a reference to the Dinozord Pterodactyl. It also has a small green broken heart on the inner band, a reference to the relationship between the Pink Ranger and the Green Ranger.

The yellow guard: This pair features beautiful details that refer to the Dinozord, as the tennis shoes have wings on the back of the tongue as a tribute to the actress Thuy Trang who played the Yellow Ranger.

Megazord: They display a series of details that hint at Zord’s saga, from the white and yellow logo on the tongue that represents his eyes, to the V-shaped holes that mimic his teeth.

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All models include Power Coin, The characteristic radius of power RangersAnd materials inspired by the mineral Dinozords.