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This is a “large” amount that you will not have to pay to the tax authorities

To the delight of Jalil Lesper, Leticia Hallyday returned to Paris. Johnny’s widow reunited with her husband several months after their separation. If she is in the capital, it is not only for her love for the actor and director but also for the honor-related meetings scheduled for next September for Johnny Hallyday with a concert at the Accorhotel Arena de Bercy, as well as the opening during Park Day in front of this venue located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris .

But Jade and Joy’s mother must also take care of the French tax authorities who owe them, a global bill estimated at 30 million euros. “I will have to pay the tax debt. It is my duty, and I accept it. In numbers, there have been many illusions. The truth is that there is wealth, and little cash, and much debt”, she told Paris Match. But the news about this looks good.

Tuesday 6 July Capital The Administrative Court of Appeal in Paris announced the cancellation of a tax amendment amounting to 471,780 euros. The IRS has been accused of ‘rampant violations of the law’ [c’est-à-dire sans le faire officiellement]. Given the weight of the applicable penalties, it is essential that the Tax Administration effectively apply procedural safeguards, otherwise the amendments lead to cancellation”Leticia Hallyday’s lawyer, Pierre Brady, explained about these suspicious transfers that took place between the various Idol des Jeunes companies between 2010 and 2011.

Not to mention that last May we learned that his debts and the legal proceedings of his creditors had been frozen. “This postponement will allow Leticia to develop a preventive plan, which will extend the repayment of debts over a long period (maximum ten years).”, our colleagues pointed out.

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