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With the song Funny, Fanny Herrero opens her comedy club on Netflix

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From Instagram to Parisian cellars, passing by France Inter, it seems that an entire generation has found in the art of humor a form of catharsis, or at least an outlet for contemporary anxiety. How many, in fact, every evening, go up on stage while one lies on the sofa, recounting sorrows, insults, frustrations, and tantrums, hoping to win the support of the audience, even their attention as a producer?

Showrunner Fanny Herrero dedicated the first series developed under her exclusive contract with Netflix to these millennials, who are connected and fun – the first French American “talent”. Away from sequins and prestigious “guests” ten percentAnd the Funny It features a handful of “black and white” faces mostly unknown to the general public, all breathtaking in charisma and subtlety.

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Excellent Mariama Gueye (Gloria) lends her rep and sense of rhythm to Aissatou, a talented but weary young mother. Backed by Nazir (Younes Boussef, who came from the rap scene, is revealing the series), a talented and florid delivery man, she enjoyed resounding success thanks to the deliciously delicious graphic that went viral.

Another Unclassifiable “Mouth,” Elsa Gage (fine young girl) lends a playful quirk to the character of Apollin, a highly bourgeois who doesn’t know how to tell her depressed mother (Pascal Arbelo) that she’s not going to be an auctioneer. Only Jan Sewen, in Bling’s Skin, a little star in the middle obsolete by his excesses, first struggles with his character, less affluent than the others, before carving out a place, undesirable but necessary, in this photo gallery.

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beginning of life

Their respective tracks show what a career looks like in an environment that wants to be equal and democratic, where popularity is measured more in likes and views than in tickets sold, but where glory, despite everything, remains to fill Olympia.

From left to right: Nazir (Younes Boucef), Bling (Jean Sion) and Aisato (Mariama Gueye) in Fanny Herrero's Droll series.

From Apolline’s awkward beginnings, quite far from the environment you want to incorporate, to the ruthless fall of Bling, his replacement by a young and more talented one, Funny He puts an end to the ups and downs of a novice’s life, with the tenderness that Fanny Herrero nurtures for this environment.

On the list, quite long, members of the writing room and “advisors” also include Lison Daniel, Fanny Ruwet, Marina Rollman, Jason Brokers, Shirley Souagnon… which means that Funny It gives an exhilarating sense of stepping on two legs, never favoring laughter over the story, even if it’s clear – thankfully – that we laugh a lot during the six episodes.

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