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Orlen stawia na wodór i ogłasza projekt: Hydrogen Eagle (fot. arch.PAP/Leszek Szymański)

Orlen is hydrogen-based. HYDROGEN EAGLE – New project of the network of hydrogen hubs in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as hydrogen refueling stations

Orlen Group plans to build a network of hydrogen centers with renewable energy sources and facilities that convert municipal waste into hydrogen in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. As part of the Hydrogen Eagle – as the new project got its name – it is also planned to build more than 100 refueling stations for individual and public transport and freight transport.

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Regarding the new project, the Płock concern confirms that thanks to its implementation, the Orlen Group intends to achieve a hydrogen production capacity of about 50 thousand tons by 2030. tons per year.

Hydrogen Eagle – New Project by Orlen

hydrogen eagle It is an investment program for the Orlen Group, assuming the construction of an international network of hydrogen hubs backed by renewable energy sources and innovative facilities that convert municipal waste into low-emission hydrogen. The project also plans to build more than 100 refueling stations for individual and public transportation and freight transport PKN Orlen.

As reported by Płock’s Concern, The program includes the construction of six new hydrogen centers, including three in Poland, two in the Czech Republic and one in Slovakia, which will be powered by renewable energy sources.. The information shows that the project provides, inter alia, for the implementation of the electrolysis installation, in which electricity will be supplied using a wind farm to be built in the Baltic Sea within the Orlen group – in total, the target capacity of the electrolysis installation will be about 250 MW.

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100 retail hydrogen refueling stations

According to PKN Orlen, the program will also cover three innovative facilities for converting municipal waste into low-emission hydrogen, located in Płock, Ostrołęka and the Czech Republic, as well as an international network of more than 100 hydrogen refueling stations – 54 individual and public transport and freight stations will be built in PolandWhile 22 facilities will be built in the Czech Republic and 26 in Slovakia.

Thanks to bold and innovative investments in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the Orlen Group has a chance to become the Central European leader in hydrogen fuels. We realize that this is very important from both a business and an environmental point of view PKN Chief Orlen Daniel ObajtikQuoted in the company announcement.

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The head of the Płock concern estimated that entering the field of sustainable hydrogen production in the coming decades would provide the Orlen Group “competitive advantages in retail, refining and energy” and “will allow for a significant reduction in its carbon footprint and will be an important step towards achieving emissions neutrality in 2050.”

A Czech company belonging to the Orlen Group with a different name

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PKN Orlen noted that The HYDROGEN EAGLE investment program will bolster the emerging European hydrogen infrastructure, the European backbone of hydrogen and “Support to build Europe’s zero-carbon and low-carbon hydrogen production capacity and a stable supply chain.”

Reducing carbon dioxide by one million tons per year

The concern from Płock confirms that the use of low-emission production technologies will allow to reduce CO2 انبعاثات emissions Even by 1 million tons per year.

According to PKN Orlen, the HYDROGEN EAGLE project has successfully passed the verification stage by the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology in the competition for projects in the field of hydrogen technologies and systems under the IPCEI mechanism, the next step will be to apply for a notification of support by the European Commission.

PKN Orlen also reported that its capital group plants in Włocławek, Trzebinia and Płock are Hydrogen production facilities of automotive quality, with a total target production capacity of more than 1000 kg per hour – hubs will supply hydrogen for individual transport stations and public transport. The information stated that “the company has started tender procedures for the construction of the first Polish hydrogen refueling stations located in Poznan and Katowice.”

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