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Warsaw.  Reconstruction of the West Railway Station.  They opened a new platform and pedestrian bridge

Warsaw. Reconstruction of the West Railway Station. They opened a new platform and pedestrian bridge

From Sunday, passengers at West Rail Station can use the new platform number 6, which can be accessed by a pedestrian bridge – also newly opened -. Railroad workers also reported that work on a roof, a wide tunnel and a rail traffic control center is in progress.

From Sunday, December 19, passengers can use the new platform No. 6 at Warsaw-Zakodnya Station. It is located under a wide, high ceiling and is illuminated. The contractor provided signage, benches, and sheltered ‘waiting rooms’. According to PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe in the announcement, more than 80 long-distance, regional and block trains will be disinfected on the new platform during the day. To date, at the present stage of the reconstruction of the station, access to platform 6 is provided only by a pedestrian bridge.

– The opening of the first newly built platforms is associated with the provision of a new pedestrian bridge over the rails. Passengers will use the pedestrian bridge on the 200-meter section of Tunelowa, with a gentle approach to platform No. 8 and 7 under construction, to the new platform No. 6 and the existing platform No. 5. PLK.

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Changes in service for passengers with limited mobility

It also reports other important changes at the Western Railway Station. – Platform 8 will be renamed Platform 9. A section of the new underpass is available. Jakubowski said the contractor had prepared an appropriately marked route between platform 9 on the circumference and Warsaw Zakodnya station.

At the same time, he draws attention to significant changes in the service of passengers with disabilities: – at the next stage of work, due to safety and a wide range of work, the station cannot provide a full-fledged comfortable service for people with limited mobility. Such conditions are ensured by other Warsaw stations: Warszawa Gdańska, Warszawa Centralna, Warszawa Śródmieście, Warszawa Stadion and Warszawa Wschodnia.

This is how the West Railway Station will be after the reconstruction

More advanced works are currently underway on Pier 7 and 8, as well as in the underground passage and in the tram tunnel. – New tracks have been laid and the traction net is suspended. Part of the roofing work on the podium hall is coming to an end. The facility at a height of 11 meters will be covered by eight platforms. The LCS was created – a local control center with computers that ensures efficient and safe management of rail traffic. Fixtures have been laid and finishing work carried out inside and outside the facility – Jakubowski enumerates the scope of the existing works.

Finally, in the West Station, there will be covered platforms, escalators, elevators, a dynamic information system and wide walkways. It would be easier to combine agglomeration and long-distance travel with public transportation. The safe management of railway traffic is ensured by modern equipment and computer systems.

The representative of the PKK PLK states that the works are being carried out with about two billion zlotys as part of the project “Works on the Trans-City Line in Warsaw in the Warsaw and Šchodnya – Warsaw Zakhodnya Region”. He is applying for co-financing by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund under the Infrastructure and Environmental Operations programme. – The completion of the investment is scheduled for 2023 – confirms Jakubowski.

The movement of trains has been maintained at the reconstructed station. According to railway workers, more than 700 regional and long-distance mass trains pass there daily.

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