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“Paris Live by Jacques Offenbach” on Sunday at Arte: a repetition of the operetta online and on TV

When and where you can watch the singing of the operetta “Paris Life by Jacques Offenbach” on Sunday (2.1.2022), both on TV and online in the media library, you can find out here at

The Parisian Life of Jacques Offenbach in Arte
Photo: Aarti, transmitted by FUNKE Guides

On Sunday (2.1.2022) at 2:40 pm “The Parisian Life of Jacques Offenbach” can be seen on TV. You can’t watch Jack Offenbach’s Paris Life, but you sure still want to watch the case? Take a look at artMedia library. This offers many online TV contributions as video-on-demand for streaming – also and especially after the respective broadcast on TV. You can usually find the program online after it is broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. Unfortunately, there will be no Arte iteration in classic TV for the time being.

“The Parisian Life of Jacques Offenbach” on TV: This is the theme of the operetta

Imagination, eccentricity, lightness and a touch of sadness: Jacques Offenbach, founder of the modern operetta, was at the height of his fame when he composed the musical “Paris Life”. Set to music, Henri Melak and Lukovic Halevi’s book of compositions is a refreshing poem of frivolous 19th-century Paris. It was first shown on October 31, 1866 at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal in Paris. Exactly three months later, on January 31, 1867, the German-language premiere took place at the Karltheater Theater in Vienna. Palazzetto Bru Zane – a Venetian-based center dedicated to promoting French Romantic music – and associates now present the original version of “Paris Life” from 1866. Found in the orchestra archives at Théâtre du Palais-Royal a score of premiere with valuable handwritten notes from before the composer. Two new works add hitherto completely unknown tunes, and censored scripts and long-forgotten variants provide surprising new aspects to some of the most iconic songs. The result is a version of “Parisian Life” you’ve never heard of, but it does justice to the work’s well-known charm and melodies that prove its reputation. Between the Second Empire and Today – top-notch French singers combined with elegant costumes and imaginative stage design by Christian Lacroix should help make Offenbach’s masterpiece shine in a new splendor. (Source: Aarti, quoted by FUNKE magazines)

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All information and at a glance “The Life of Paris by Jacques Offenbach”

in a: art

year of production: 2021

Long: 185 minutes

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