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Pedro Castillo has endorsed Julio Velardi as President of the BCR

Pedro Castillo has endorsed Julio Velardi as President of the BCR

Pedro Castillo made the expected announcement on his Twitter account. | Photo: Presidency of the Republic

Changes and announcements in the executive branch are continuing. President of the Republic Pedro Castillo, announced this Thursday that Giulio Velardi He is certified as the head of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCR).

I announce to all Peruvians that Mr. Giulio Velardi will continue to chair BCRCastillo indicated in a tweet attached to a photo of both of them smiling in an interview.

In addition, Castillo reported that he also appointed “Roxana Barantes, José Tavara and German Alarco as members of the Board of Directors (BCR)”.

Tuesday Presidency of the Council of Ministers And set last Friday (October 1), the resolutions ratifying Giulio Velardi as head of the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) were signed and the appointment of new board members to this body that the executive must propose.

Through a message posted on social networks, the PCM indicated that decisions were sent to the Presidential Office for corresponding processing.

Pedro Frank salutes Giulio Villard’s endorsement

Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro FranckHe welcomed the confirmation of Giulio Velardi as President of the Central Reserve Bank (BCR).

I welcome the endorsement of BCR President, Julio Velarde. Julio is an excellent professional and truly committed to the state, an essential quality for any public positionHe confirmed it via his Twitter account.

Likewise, he wished the greatest success to Roxana Barantes, Jose Ignacio Tavarra and German Alarco, The new board of directors of the Central Reserve Bank, appointed by the executive branch.

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Likewise, he affirmed that from the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), they will continue to work with the Central Reserve Bank, to continue to promote sustainable economic growth for the country.


last october 5, via the official Twitter account, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers She stated that since October 1, the decisions to ratify Julio Velardi at the head of the Board of Directors of the Central Reserve Bank have been signed, in addition to the appointment of three other members. The documents mentioned in the message on social media are in the presidential office and are awaiting the signature of the President of the Republic. Pedro Castillo.

“In the face of misrepresentations, the PCM explains that on Friday, October 1, resolutions endorsing the BCR Chairman and appointing board members that the Executive should propose were signed; and they were sent to the Presidential Office for corresponding processing.”, has been informed.

Documents accompanying the PCM letter indicate that economists Roxana Barantes, José Tavara and German Alarco have been appointed as members of the Central Reserve Bank’s board of directors on behalf of the executive branch.

Five more years in office

Last Friday, October 1, the endorsement of the Economist was announced Giulio Velardi As head of the Central Reserve Bank (BCR), in a resolution that also included the appointment of three directors for the organization.

Once President Castillo signs off on Velardi’s appointment, it must be confirmed by Congress, which must also appoint three other BCR directors to a five-year term, an issue under review by the Economics Committee. .

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Velardi, who has headed the BCR since 2006, is a 69-year-old economist who holds a master’s and doctoral degrees from Brown University in the United States and the Institute for World Economics in Kiel, Germany. In addition to being recognized in his country for his successful work at the helm of the Swiss Central Bank (BCR), he was recognized in 2015 as the best central banker in the world by The Banker magazine, who in 2020 elected him also the Central Bank of the Americas.

(With information from Agencia Andina)

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