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Piotr ¦led¼ boasts of luxury on Instagram.  Who is the Secret Millionaire?  He flies in a private plane and loves expensive cars

Piotr ¦led¼ boasts of luxury on Instagram. Who is the Secret Millionaire? He flies in a private plane and loves expensive cars

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Piotr Śledź wants to be proud of his luxurious life on Instagram, but he is very mysterious. Although he portrays himself as a real rich man, one of his favorite hashtags is #billionaire, which has never been on Forbes Magazine’s list of richest poles. How did Track get paid for a mighty villa and private jet? Did he get up in the morning, work 16 hours and leave the butter dosa? He was found to have a lot of sources of income. One of them is a company that specializes in “bad loans”.

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Live in luxury. Holezcio, Lipinska, Dipovska. Who else?

Who is Pyotr Sletz?

Piotr Śledź started running an Instagram account a year ago. Previously, the businessman from the town of Shrem was not very loud. As established by “Buissnes Insider”, entrepreneurs do not know the most identifiable Polish merchants. பட்டியல்ledź The list of investments that brought in the most money turns out to be long and … controversial.

Piotr ledźPiotr ledź Instagram – Piotr ledź

One of the brands he has partnered with is Stork Loans – one of the most popular companies offering payday loans, i.e. quick loans at high interest rates. While the profitability of such a business is certainly impressive, the millionaire influencer is not proud of this kind of activity. He is more interested in showing how the holiday company is growing Park & Amusement. He describes new investments on Instagram.

Another ministry is an extension by 58 houses. I invite you on vacation – he posed near the excavation and wrote.

One of Herring’s most important businesses is the advertising agency “Billbox”.

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Piotr ledźPiotr ledź Instagram – Piotr ledź

Instagram millionaire loves travel and expensive cars

Herring is a big travel fan. Priority – a private jet. She feels good in Dubai.

The tallest building in the world. The time will come when we will build one in Poland – he wrote under the photo of the trip.

Pyotr Herring in DubaiPyotr Herring in Dubai Instagram – Piotr ledź

Last year, he was also in Spain, Malaga and Turkey. The second most valuable interest in herring is motorization. It boasts a blue Lamborghini Aventador, but it’s not.Inside. Rolls-Royce

Piotr Śledziej's carPiotr Śledziej’s car Instagram – Piotr ledź

Piotr Śrem’s estate

The millionaire has extraordinary estate. He claims to be the owner of the largest French-style garden in Poland. The villa he built in Shrem is surrounded by greenery. The entire property was surrounded by a high wall. This is what it looks like when viewed from a drone.

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A key element of the villa is a large gym and, of course, a garage that can accommodate at least four luxury cars. Herring has money for a luxurious life, but he also seems to have a desire for fame – which is why he shares photos on Instagram and poses willingly with celebrities – e.g. Dorota Gardias.

Piotr ledź with Dorota GardiasPiotr ledź with Dorota Gardias Instagram – Piotr ledź

How do you like the luxurious life of herring?