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Poland are the most exciting runners-up in the world.  She did it under extreme circumstances.  Athletic

Poland are the most exciting runners-up in the world. She did it under extreme circumstances. Athletic

– Do we have a cherry to recreate? – asked Katarzyna Zdzieb³o looking at the coach. At that moment, Grzegorz Tomala handed me a vest from which cold water gushed out. The snow was melting in it. I gave the dress to the world runner-up. Cooked on the road. The official results indicated that the air temperature at the finish line was 27 degrees Celsius. But it was in the shadows. In the sun, the mercury dropped from 41 degrees to 40 degrees before reaching 41 degrees again in an instant. That’s good, because Zdzieb³o likes heat.

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Playing “In 5 Seconds” with Tomasz Majewski. How would a great athlete respond?

It was alive as in Oman, so Zdzieb³o went

The 25-year-old from Mielec won the M¦ team bronze medal in Oman in March. At 35 kilometers, because that was her competition. In Eugene, 20 km was part of the training before the main start. But because the tests said “it’s worth it”. Predictions promised that it would almost certainly live in Oman.

– In a sense, the conditions put me at 20km. Oman has shown that the warmer it is, the better I feel. In the end, I was preparing for 35 km because I like to spin while walking. Here I am already able to spin at 20 km/h, which is great: I have Friday I go further – says Zdzieb³o.

Polish surprise at M¦ in Eugene. Katarzyna Zdzieb³o took silver

She wanted to earn something

The world runner-up now says honestly that he is not counting on a medal. – My goal is top eight. 5,000 for eighth place I heard. Dollars, so I laughed that I didn’t target them – he says.

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35,000 for second place, Dhruva. Dollars. A large amount to walk. – I am a doctor. I completed my medical course that year. It was difficult and I had to adjust it with preparations for the Olympics. Now that I am in internship, I can train more and focus more on my hobby. Because walking was my hobby and medicine was my future job, explains Zdzieb³o.

(Associate) Master of Arts aspires to be a radiologist someday. But he is not in a hurry to specialize. David joined Domala’s coaching staff last year. It is run by his father and coach of the Olympic champion. One great conclusion has arrived, and many more are on the horizon. It can certainly be more than just a hobby.

– David’s victory gave wings to all walkers. Come on, our colleague we train with has Olympic gold, so we believe we can! – says Zdzieb³o.

Poland is second after the first day of DME.  An amazing performanceA play by Norbert Kobielski. he cried. On the first leap, a click was heard

The trainer used ice packs

The women’s 35km walk will take place the same week, on July 22. Zdzieb³o mentions this conflict in every second sentence, even though he already has a medal hanging around his neck.

– Give me the cherry in action. I have to rebuild because I’m starting over here,” she reminded herself, putting on an ice vest. She also got flip-flops from the coach. And a carton of water was taken from the ice cubes. Our trainer started with these cubes.

Coach – Thanks, this came in handy after a 30 minute walk from Hayward Field to the Oregon Ducks football stadium. For it was under these great objects that Zdzieb³o went to medal. And we also walked away from the events in the main arena of the championships, watching on the broadcast that it was happening as beautifully as it was a year ago at the Domala Games.

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“Strange and funny”. Acids in the frame after Ki³Basinska’s statement. “girlfriend”

Olympic champion as an operator. “Great!”

Walking is Poland’s national sport? No chance of that. But it’s nice to have your expertise. Once upon a time we had a lonely master named Robert Korzeniowski. Today we have a panel. A minute before the end, Thomala rushed towards the finish line to record her video commemorating the biggest moment of her life today. Then the champion (deputy) hired the champion.

– First Polish athlete to win a World Championships medal in walking. Kasia goes down in history. I touched. More after your success. It was a reward for a whole year of severe tyranny. Awesome! Something wonderful, says a tearful Thomala. – We walkers like to make surprises. Some trust us and we do a great job. Kasia broke the Polish record, won the medal, her start inspires us a lot – commented the Olympic champion. His start is in Eugene (35km) on Sunday, July 24, the last day of the race.