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Prince William, Kate Middleton and their son George Exult after the England goal (photo)

After just two minutes of play, the English opened the scoring against Italy. Facing the goal of Lyuxe Shaw, Kate Middleton, Prince William and their son George simply left their joy, as evidenced by the photos taken during this extraordinary moment. A wide smile on his lips, stars in his eyes, little George enthusiastically supports his country’s team.

According to UEFA, 67,500 spectators were expected to participate in this final, including 7,500 fans and Italian personality David Beckham, England’s three-time top scorer in the 1966 World Cup Final Geoff Hurst, actor Tom Cruise and model Kate Moss.

On this historic day in England, as the Select hope to win their first title in 55 years and their only world title, the press was unleashed: ‘Pride of England’, the Sunday People made its front page as head coach Gareth Southgate appeared. And his players and a roaring lion. Schools across the country have announced that they will allow children to arrive later on Monday, to allow them to enjoy watching the game.

In Italy, there is more restraint, although Gazzetta dello Sport asks Nacional to “do it”, while “Europe encourages Italy” for Il Messaggero. For Stampa, “Italy dreams”, with Italian coach Roberto Mancini and Matteo Berrettini side by side as they play Sunday’s Wimbledon final in London.

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