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Viewers are excited about Andrea Kewell’s outfits

Andrea Kewell has run ZDF TV Garden for over 20 years. The choice of outfit was not always successful. But this time, viewers are completely fascinated by the appearance of the presenter.

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Also on Sunday, Andrea “Kiwi” Kewell greeted hundreds of spectators at Mainz Lerchenberg and a crowd of millions in front of the screens. “TV Garden” has been running on ZDF since 12 noon. This time the show is all about the ‘love of travel’.

For this issue, the presenter chose baggy caramel-colored trousers, an oversized white blouse and matching sandals. In addition, Kiwi has combined several gold chains on top of each other in a very modern way. She tied her hair up in a bun, and this time her makeup is more intense than usual.

This is no longer ‘my TV garden’.

Some viewers are very excited about this look. As soon as the first few minutes of the last issue appeared on the screens, her outfit was already heavily commented on on Twitter.

For example, one user wrote, “Kiwi is today in Haute Couture.” Another user said: “Ms. Kiwi is at the ‘TV Garden’ today dressed elegantly.” Another viewer commented: “The kiwi looks so natural. This is no longer my ‘TV garden’.”

In recent years, Andrea Kewell has been criticized for her clothing choice. For example, she’s been wearing a dress for several weeks Which reminded many viewers of the jungle camp. Another piece of clothing has been compared to a tablecloth.

The presenter has not always shown a talent for modern design. But this time the 56-year-old seems to have done everything right.

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This year’s “Fernsehgarten” season runs until September 26, when a special edition to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the ZDF Show will be held on Sunday.