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Putin receives 1 billion euros a day from the European Union

Putin receives 1 billion euros a day from the European Union

According to the EU’s foreign policy coordinator, Josep Borrell, the EU is giving Putin’s Russia 1 billion euros per day for energy fuel.

Since the Russian invasion began on February 24, the European Union has done so, according to the union’s foreign policy official Josep Borrellspent 35 billion euros on Russian energy fuel.

Putin says he receives 1 billion euros a day from the EU and compares what the EU gave to defend Ukraine during the same period, for a total of 1 billion euros.

“We have to help [ukrainarna] To defend themselves … We gave Ukraine a billion euros. “It may seem like a lot, but a billion euros is what we pay Putin every day for the energy he gives us,” said Josep Borrell. BBC reports It reports that the message was conveyed to members of the European Parliament on Wednesday.

The European Union intends to stop imports of Russian coal

The European Union is considering a fifth round of sanctions against Russia and the agenda now includes a ban on imports of Russian coal.

Josep Borrell, EU foreign policy coordinator, stressed the importance of Europe reducing its energy dependence on Russia.

According to the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen The European Union is “working” to increase sanctions against Russia, including restrictions on Russian oil imports.

The European Commission announced, on Tuesday, that the European Union will reduce its dependence on Russian gas by two-thirds by next year.

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