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Quinté + on Friday 15 July 2022 in Cabourg: Expectations

Quinté + on Friday 15 July 2022 in Cabourg: Expectations

Find Equidia’s forecast for Friday, July 15, 2022 in Cabourg, Prix des Hellebores. Departure at 8:15 p.m.. 16 entrees. Trotting harness. 2,750 m. 7 and 8 year olds trot.

Fifth recently in Vire, after an error in the beginning, the 14 Falco de Duet He previously won in style on the track at Amiens. Judging by this performance, this son of Akim from Cape Verde would logically win many votes.

after slack, 15 Eawy d’Eole He found the right carbs since jogging under the saddle. For his return to driving, this resident of Antoine Lérité is capable of causing a stir.

On the podium in his last three rounds, he was 3 stone forever He will also have supporters with 11 Falco of the Rocksauthor of a great end to race recently at Mont Saint-Michel.

He was badly beaten here on 5th July 10 fast Save the chance to get a place in it 4 fairy danover, barefoot for the occasion. The 7 Ecrin du Layon and the 8 Ichiro Diem It still has to be monitored.


14. Falco de Duet
15. Eawy d’Eole
3. Stone Forever
11. Falco des Rochers
10. Fast
4. Fairy Danover
7. Ecrin du Layon
8. Ichiro Diem

last minute:

8. Ichiro Diem

Which horse to follow: Falco de Duet, the scarecrow?

Profile: Actor Jean-Christophe Germain loves to be presented with all fours of his feet. Good right hand, where he signed all his victories, he even managed to shine on the Cabourg racetrack. He, who had a great year in 2021, is very jogging, getting along nicely with Gabriel Gilormini, his driver. He ticked a lot of boxes in this event.

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Coach Jean-Christophe Germain says: “Falco de Duet ran well at Viere on July 2 because he wasn’t leading from a great distance. He is already better on the long-range courses. His physical condition is very good. At the back post in Cabourg, the task n is never easy but the commitment to quality remains.”

His times in competition: The record holder of 1’12”3 which puts him fourth on the fastest peloton, his course record put him in second place, twenty short of pace. On the other hand, by distance, it is the fastest. His 1’13’2 time, which he achieved last year, makes him a real horse.

statistics : Falco du Douet has done very well in barefoot with all four feet. In nine races, he won four times and took two places. It has an amazing success rate of 89% in the top five. Therefore, in this composition he gives the best of himself.

Its current form: Fifth in Fair on July 2, where he finished well, his last win dates back to June 16 of this year, during his penultimate outing. So he arrives at this commitment in perfect shape.

Opinion of Olivier Bevin, Equidia journalist: Fifth recently in Vir, after a mistake at the start, Ben Akim from former Cape Verdean won in style at the Amiens circuit. Judging by this performance, it makes sense that he would win many votes.

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