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Reagan’s mother will be in the new ‘Exorcist’ trilogy |  cinema |  entertainment

Reagan’s mother will be in the new ‘Exorcist’ trilogy | cinema | entertainment

The new franchise will be a direct continuation of the first movie.

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Universal Pictures and Blumhouse are developing a new trilogy of Exorcist, one of the most influential epics in horror films. New films to be directed by David Gordon Green (responsible for films Halloween), will also feature the return of Eileen Burstein, who played Reagan’s mother in the original film.

The new franchise will be a direct continuation of the first film which, according to its director David Gordon Green, will not consider the continuity of its other installments, although it will include elements of the epic legends developed in it.

Along with Burstyn, the movie stars Leslie Odom Jr. (Hamilton), a character who has a daughter who, like Reagan in the past, was also possessed by a terrible demon.

Exorcist It was already written, it was one of the projects I did during the pandemic,” his manager explained in an interview with GamesRadarIn which he also said, “It’s not wrong to say it’s a sequel to the original movie.”

“I love all the movies Exorcist And not only do I love them, but I think they can be included in the myth of what I do,” Gordon Green continued to explain before emphasizing that he wouldn’t try to “pretend that Exorcist 2 He didn’t exist, and it’s good that he is, and it’s good that they are all there and I love them.”

Everything indicates that the director is planning to do something similar to what he already did with the epic HalloweenThe premiere of the direct continuation of the original movie Halloween 2018, and still unpublished Halloween killsWhich will be released in theaters in October. It also confirmed the next year’s premiere of The end of Halloween, which will end the franchise starring Jamie Lee Curtis.

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Along with Blumhouse, Morgan Creek Entertainment, which owns the rights to the 1973 film, will be produced. The ambitious project is said to have a budget of over $400 million for the three films.

Gordon Green also noted how different his writing is Exorcist Regarding his movie about Michael Myers: “This movie has more documentation than impulsive writing.”

“I had to read a lot of books and do an interview egg because there was a lot of dramatic credibility in the original movie,” the director noted before adding: “It took a lot more work than I expected and I thought I was naive to think it would be otherwise. that “.

The first film of this new trilogy is expected to hit theaters in 2023. However, everything indicates that the next two films will be released exclusively on the platform. flow Peacock in an effort to make NBCUniversal’s on-demand service even more engaging with original great premieres. (And)