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Crisis with Leander? Now she speaks in simple language!

Rumors of a love affair with Melissa D’Amelia, 25, and Bachelorette Leander Sacher, 23, don’t want to end. One of the reasons: that the couple appear less and less together. Now Melissa has finally revealed to her followers what she really looks like in their relationship…

Melissa D’Amelia and Leander Sacher: Separation Rumors

Former bachelor Melissa Damelia has found the prince of her dreams on the final season of the popular dating show RTL Leander Sacher! But how is it with them now? young love? Recently, there were rumors of a love bird breaking up. Reason: Melissa has been less active lately Social media has taken an important one time out. It stands to reason that many fans suspected a possible breakup was the reason for their withdrawal.

after their vacation With a friend, her Instagram break and plenty of time, Melissa D’Amelia recently returned to her fans and took a stand:

Since some speculation has arisen, which is totally normal…there are much more things in life than a relationship that you sometimes have to hold back.

Despite everything, the rumor wants something possibleا Singles break up Just don’t rip it. The fact that Melissa D’Amelia and Leander Sacher appeared together less frequently in social networks recently has once again fueled speculation.

You can read more about Bachelor Melissa D’Amelia here:

calamity? Bachelorette Melissa D’Amelia speaks in plain language

During an Instagram Q&A session, a 25-year-old fan encountered rumors of the end of love. The user wanted to know if everything was okay between her and Leander – and Melissa’s answer was clear!

We are about 400 kilometers away. Linder I work and study at the same time and I also work on projects. We’ll see each other as often as we can.

Melissa D’Amelia: “We have time”

In fact, Melissa D’Amelia and Leander Sacher are still engaged almost a year later Long distance relationship. While the influencer lives in Stuttgart, her beloved studies and lives in Aachen. The topic of moving together is currently out of the question for single couples: “Lander cannot leave Aachen and I’m not ready to move at the moment either. We’ve only been together for eleven months. We have the time.”

Thankfully this doesn’t sound like a crisis at all and this should calm the anxiety of Melissa and Leander fans – at least for now

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