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Nabila was sentenced to 20 thousand euros for a convincing ad on Snapchat

Nabila was slapped on her fingers The famous influencer has agreed to pay a fine of 20,000 euros, after she was suspended by anti-fraud for promoting stock services on Snapchat in 2018 without indicating that she had paid for it. In a “Story” on the social network, the reality TV star highlighted the free service offered by the stock exchange site and the prospects for significant gains, which were absorbed by the General Administration of Competition, Consumption and Fraud Suppression (DGCCRF). Misleading marketing practices.

“Failure to indicate the advertising nature of its dissemination (through a slogan or verbal or written indication, for example) constitutes deceptive commercial practice against its subscribers who may mistakenly believe that the promotion of the influencer results from a positive, unselfish personal experience” and DGCCRF confirms it in a press release published on Wednesday.

The transaction fine, which takes into account the profit generated from this transaction, was “suggested and accepted” Written by Nabila Benatia Vergara, with the consent of the Public Prosecutor of Paris, after investigations conducted by the National Investigation Service of the Directorate General of the Government of the State of Paris. The administration, which reports to the Ministry of Economy, assures that other investigations are underway in this area, while more and more brands are calling on social media influencers to promote their products or services.

“The posts of influencers on social networks (…) are likely to have a significant impact on the economic behavior of the people they follow, and therefore should not mislead consumers”DGCCRF insists in its press release.

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