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Rebuilding the government.  Unofficially: the position will be lost, among others Zbigniew Gryglas Deputy Minister of State Assets |  Policy

Rebuilding the government. Unofficially: the position will be lost, among others Zbigniew Gryglas Deputy Minister of State Assets | Policy

In the second half of September, the ruling camp intends to “replace” some ministers and deputy ministers, thereby rebuilding the government. at the end of August onet He was unofficially informed that Jaroslav Kaczynski would tender his resignation from his post. Also: Michel Dorchik (Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery), Grzegorz Buda (Minister of Agriculture), Michai Kortica (Climate Minister) and Mariusz Kaminsky (Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration) will lose their positions.

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“I have spoken with the prime ministers of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to stop the attempt to destabilize the eastern borders”

Rebuilding the government. Who will lose stool?

“Reconstruction in the government in the second half of September. Zbigniew Griglas will leave the Ministry of State Assets. He will be replaced by the former Vice President of the Convention, Carol Rabanda,” according to ZET Radio correspondent Marius Jerzewski, in social media.

The journalist was also able to specify that Michał Kurtyka from the Climate Ministry would lose the position, as previously reported by Onet. The politician will be expelled due to ineffective negotiations with the European Union on CO2 emissions. According to the government’s calculations, its impact may be higher electricity prices jesieni ± by up to 40 percent.

Rebuilding the government. Any ministers may lose their positions?

Rebuilding the government. Who will replace the dismissed ministers?

information Radia Zait It follows that the position of Minister of Climate, currently held by Mikhail Kortica, will be taken by the current Deputy Minister of Maritime Economy, Anna Moskwa, or the State Commissioner for the Transformation of Energy and Mining Companies, Artur Suboy.

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According to a radio reporter, Marcin Huraa may also be transferred. The current Deputy Minister of Infrastructure will take a position in the Ministry of Development. Earlier, there was also a lot of media coverage of the resignation of the head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, Mikhail Durzyk, which some politicians from the ruling party were informally talking about. However, the results so far show that his dismissal has not yet been decided.

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A few days ago, Professor Professor of Political Science. Rafai Schwedorok of the University of Warsaw. – He said that this time the law of law and justice is not preparing to implement great strategic goals, but simply to survive in extremely unfavorable conditions.

Ironically, Kaczyński’s possible exit from the government will not be the most significant change during this reconstruction process. During his time in the government, Kaczyński had to deal with uncomfortable questions regarding various crises—related to the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, or, as now, immigration issues—about his role as a politician overseeing the Security District. Therefore, I think that the map of the beneficiaries of the autumn reconstruction will be more interesting than Kaczynski’s departure from the government. – added the professor. Shwedorok. You can find the entire conversation in the article below:

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Head of Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski“PiS is preparing to survive in very unfavorable conditions” [WYWIAD]