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Ricardo Arjona was surprised by a fan who was left in her underwear when she started singing “Naked” | Video USA Dallas Texas US Celebrity RMMN | Offers

fan of Ricardo Arjuna – His identity is unknown – He took off his clothes and remained in his underwear when the artist began performing the song “Naked” during his concert in Dallas, Texas (USA).

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The truth was recorded by some of those present at the Guatemalan presentation last Friday At the Texas Trust CU Theater in Grand Prairie, which has been sold out, as part of presentations in the US for their “Black and White” tour.

The video of the moment was shared on the official Instagram account of Univisión “El Gordo y La Flaca” and In the photos, the woman is seen in her chair wearing white underwear and singing the song at the top of her lungs.

Meanwhile, the translator of “Mujeres”, Far from caring about his fans’ actions, he showed a very professional demeanor and continued to sing as if nothing had happened. Despite the fact that the lady was a few meters from the stage.

The people around the girl had different types of reactions: while some walked away, others were stunned and unable to believe what was happening. While, When the song ended, all the lights were on her.

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