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Celebrities Under the Palm: The Fall of a Profound Prince

Celebrities Under the Palm: The Fall of a Profound Prince

Celebrities under the palm trees
The fall of a prince

Not only does Prince Marcus von Anhalt make friends with “celebrities under the palm trees”.

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Peace, joy and serenity on the beach? Nothing there: In the first episode of Celebrity Under the Palm Trees, completely different weapons immediately appeared.

Mansion, twelve reality TV stars and tons of alcohol. Could it be all right? The first episode of this year’s season, “Celebs Under Palms” provided the answer: Impossible. On the first evening, the most terrible insults were thrown and glass broke – not to mention group dynamics. At least one can count on karma.

With Julia Siegel (46), Prince Marcus von Anhalt (54) and Patricia Blanco (50), the top candidates have moved on to the beach villa in Thailand. This was followed by Henrik Stoltenberg (24), Elena Meraas (28), Willie Herren (45), Katie Bam (28) and Chris Tobruyan (47). Kate Merlin (34), Melanie Muller (32), Calvin Klein (28) and Amy Ross (21) completed the group.

Prince Marcus makes himself unpopular

Soon after the transition, it became apparent that Calvin was in trouble. He’s had a past with Amy, but he’s clearly in love with Elena. Which of the two women only share a double bed? He first decided to pick a dream woman Elena, but then crept into bed that night with a jealous Amy. Will he have long-term success with this dual approach?

Katie ran into a much bigger problem the first night – in the truest sense of the word. Badly drunk Prince Marcus threw the drag queen on his head and found homosexuality – to put it mildly – disgusting and “unnatural”. The feel at the table was immense and Katie’s group immediately rushed to help. Above all is Willy. As this was running out more and more, attacking Katie became increasingly calm. I decided that the matter would not be cleared up until the next morning, hoping that it would be possible to have a reasonable conversation with sober Prince Marcus.

Katie was not disappointed. It was Prince Marcus who came to her in person and apologized for his offensive behavior at the dinner table – but not for his anti-gay remarks. It’s his opinion and he’s sticking to it. Katie accepted the apology but questioned its sincerity.

Calvin Kleinen Versus Melanie Muller

Not only did Prince Marcus offend his behavior while under the influence. Calvin also indulged in one or two cups (too much), regardless of losses. At first the fridge was turned over, the bowls broke, the milk cartons opened, and in the end the glass of wine had to believe in it. Melanie delivered it. The drunk gave a good punch. But Calvin could count on dream woman Elena. While Amy comforted Melanie, who was crying in the bathroom, Elena stood for him in front of the rest of the group.

Group formation can begin

In the first game of the season, “Better Unicorn Than Keinhorn”, men and women competed separately. Disguised as unicorns, with a horn on their foreheads, they had to collect ten rings lying on the ground as quickly as possible and stack them on the collecting stick. Katie won the men’s race and Kate the women’s. Your winnings: As a future captain, you were each allowed to team up for the next match and you were happy with safe passage to the next round.

Katie made a bet on the Orange Team of the “Egyptian Boat Race” game: Calvin, Henrik, Amy, Chris and Julia. Kate chose yellow for the team: Elena, Willie, Melanie, Prince Marcus and Patricia. A boat had to be towed across the sandy shore with the help of bamboo tubes. Prince Marcus and Patricia rose to the challenge for their team, but failed miserably. Prince Marcus lost his strength, slumped into the sand and medics had to seek treatment. Meanwhile, the Orange team continued unchecked – and took a clear win.

Karma is returned

Failure at the beach had consequences for Prince Marcus and Patricia. Team captain Kate nominated the two to show off. The final decision is made by Team Yellow – including leader Katie. When the score was 3–2 against Patricia at the end, her vote counted twice. Who did you send home? Clearly: With his anti-gay remarks, Prince Marcus has lost it with Katie. In the first episode he had to pack his bags and give up the fight for the golden coconuts and € 100,000 early.


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