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Paris hospital shooting: Capucine Anav is on site, testifies

On Monday, April 12 at 1:40 pm, gunfire broke out near the Henry Dunant Private Hospital in the 16th arrondissement in Paris. Two victims we must feel distressed: a man died and a woman was wounded. Close to the drama scene, Capucine Anav testified to her emotions in her Instagram story.

Gunfire suddenly broke out on Monday, April 12, at the beginning of the afternoon in the very quiet 16th arrondissement of Paris. It was 1:40 p.m. on Michel-Ange Street, near the private Henry Dunant Hospital, run by the French Red Cross. When a man on a motorcycle shot a married couple. One of the victims, One man died instantly while the second was seriously injured. according to Information from the ParisianThe last is a security guard working in the hospital. she was He was admitted to intensive care. No additional information has yet been received from the police, except for that The shooter is still on the run. Near the scene, the actress and former Touche columnist who was not in Capucine Anav was one of the first people to document the event. Militant journalist Remi Boysen is also on the scene.

” I’m very scared “

On his Instagram story, It already reveals The first photos of a blocked street and a small crowd of journalists Busy behind a security cordon put on by the police: I was shocked, I was at the post office sending your parcels, right here, and in fact there is a guy with a gun who shot a couple … It begins with an explanation, ” I was shocked with my nephew … but really … it’s so dangerous, I’m shivering and everything … “A second video shows her in her car shelter”: [Le tireur] He’s still around, on a tricycle, and honestly I’m telling you the truth, I’m so scared. He fired six shots … The man died from gunshot wounds and a woman was seriously injured… Here… She explains with shock. ” I’m shivering, I don’t even know if I’m going to be successful at driving, but I left because I’m so scared. I promise, I’m in shock. Henri Dunant Hospital is a geriatrics and radiology center that also welcomes patients who have come in for the Covid-19 vaccination.

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